More Carrie Romance Rumors

Since she began dating Tony Romo and their subsequent breakup, people have been very interested in Carrie Underwood’s love life. And since she’s one of my favorite artists, I always have been too. The last rumor had her hooking up with Michael Phelps in what looked to have the makings of a bizarre love triangle with Lindsay Lohan. Well that seems to have naturally dissolved and while Phelps has started to make his own name on the Hollywood scene, Underwood has been looking to those who have graced the star scene in the past. And this time, she’s looking towards the former Bachelor, Travis Stork. From Angry Ape,

“Carrie Underwood is dating Travis Stork and the two have been romantically linked for months, say reports.

The country singer met the reality TV doctor in 2006 says the National Enquirer, and according to a source: “Carrie and Travis quickly developed a long-distance phone and text-message relationship.”

“They’ve kept the romance under the radar, but Carrie’s been telling friends that it feels like they’ve known each other forever. They are so sure of their feelings that they’re already talking about settling down together.”

Now although the Enquirer has proven to be factual just recently in their celebrity news, I do still have a twinge of doubt about this story. That being said, I would love it if this were true! These two make a totally hot couple and they’d be so pretty to look at as the papps snapped away at every little outing they went on together. Underwood obviously has her fair share of men falling at her feet but it seems as though she’s having trouble finding that special one. Or maybe she’s just been having fun up until this point, enjoying all that celebrity life brings. Aww, that was…until Travis….*sigh* We’ll have to keep an eye out for these two to see if this rumor proves to be true.

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