Madonna/Ritchie Split Only Gets Nastier

I know that there have been some ugly celebrity divorces splashed across the headlines but this one between Madonna and Guy Ritchie may just make it to the top of the list. Between getting the cult-like religion of Kabbalah heavily involved, hurling insults backand forth, and even more weird cult-like ‘marriage rules’, this is certainly one divorce that people will continue talking about through the ages. First, Celebitchy reported about how the Kabbalah leaders feel as though they should be the ones mediating the divorce instead of the traditional route of using the court system. Well, those cults generally don’t like you to branch out into the outside world for very much. From Celebitchy,

“Madonna is facing a major fall-out with her kabbalah leaders who are demanding an immediate out of court settlement to her divorce from Guy Ritchie. Rabbi Berg, the most senior kabbalah member and her spiritual leader, has instructed her that the ongoing mudslinging and prospect of a court battle between the sect’s two most high-profile members could badly damage its image. Berg has now given Madonna a 24-hour deadline to come back to him with a plan to mediate towards a swift divorce resolution using a round-table of kabbalah leaders chaired by him.

‘Rabbi Berg’s ultimate hope would be a reconciliation. But that seems rather a distant hope so at best he would like to put an end to the public raking over oftheir marriage,’ said a source close to the couple. Madonna however is said to be torn with the idea, thinking that if they go to kabbalah mediation at this point, she will be persuaded to part with a substantial amount of her wealth and also may lose out in having to give Guy a larger share of custody of their son Rocco, seven, and David, three.”

I can understand why Madonna wants to part with as little of her money as possible, although I do hope that Guy Ritchie takes her for all he can. But does she not realize that you can have a divorce without ‘mudslinging’ and raking your marriage through the papers, without the aid of the Kabbalah leaders? I guess these sorts of groups do tend to want you to be as dependent on them as possible.

And although Ritchie was a fervent student of the weird Kabbalah religion himself, it seems as though Madonnatook it to a whole new level in their marriage. On their list of marriage rules – yes, that’s right, marriage rules – there was a special section stating that they had to make time to study Kabbalah together, among other things such as also scheduling times for sex. I find it very odd that someone like Madonna who once had such a bare-all, ‘I’ll do it anytime, anyplace’ attitude, now has to find time in her schedule to fit it in. For crying out loud, the woman has a book named SEX! This also from Celebitchy,

“Madonna tried to control husband Guy Ritchie with a marriage contract which urged the film director not to shout at his wife and to devote time to sex, it has emerged.

The alleged document detailed a list of rules for Guy drawn up after the couple attended counselling two years ago.

Guy was told he ‘must work to enrich his wife’s emotional and spiritual well-being’, ‘resolve conflicts in a constructive way’, and devote time to the couple’s ’sexual expressiveness’.

According to The Sun the document even had instructions on what words Guy should use during arguments, and he was told to ’state calmly: I understand that my actions have upset you, please work with me to resolve this.’

He was also expected to spend several hours reading Kabbalah texts with his estranged wife.

A source said Madonna had the contract pinned up in the couple’s New York home after they attended marriage counselling, and would reprimand Guy by saying ‘contract, contract’, if he broke the rules.”

Yep, this divorce isn’t only ugly, it’s also extremely weird. Wouldn’t you think that if you needed a marriage contract to dictate what you were doing and when, what rules couldn’t be broken, that you would realize that your marriage just wasn’t going to work out? I mean, I know that marriage takes work but I’ve never heard of it requiring a signature on the dotted line once the marriage license has been signed.

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