Jennifer Aniston is Not Pregnant

Just as I suspected, John Mayer’s reps have recently come out with a statement saying that Aniston is not pregnant with his baby. Apparently what spurred the initial rumor brought by an Australian tabloid was the fact that Jen apparently looked pregnant. I always wonder what celebrities think when they hear that and really aren’t […]

Is Mary-Kate Pregnant?

They may have once been cute but the Olsen twins these days are generally known for stirring up trouble. This time the attention is turned to Mary-Kate and she’s not in trouble…per se…but I suppose it’s all in how you view it. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has recently received a ‘hot tip’ that she may finally […]

Eminem Prefers Fists to Guns

I love, love, love Eminem and so, I will take any opportunity to write about him and with his new book, The Way I Am, just out, there are sure to be tons of juicy stories coming out about this oh-so-fabulous rapper. The most recent story has Em talking about guns and the tragic role […]