The Body of Julian King is Found

This is truly heartbreaking as our thoughts go out to the Hudson family. The tragic story of course began when Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were found murdered in their Chicago home and Jennifer’s nephew, Julian King, had gone missing. The story has come to a tragic end as Julian’s body was found today. From US,

“The body of a slain young boy has been identified as that of Jennifer Hudson‘s 7-year-old nephew, Chicago police confirmed at a press conference Monday.

Police have no suspects.

Julian King was missing all weekend after an unidentified assailant fatally shot Hudson’s mother Darnell, 57, and brother Jason, 29, on Friday.

At 7:05 a.m. Monday, Chicago police discovered the slain boy — who was shot multiple times, according to the Tribune — in the back seat of an abandoned white 1994 Chevy Suburban on Chicago’s West Side.

Chicago police call the killings “domestic related.”

Though he has not been charged, William Balfour — the estranged husband of Julia Hudson, Jennifer’s sister — was taken into custody Friday by Chicago police for questioning.

The 27-year-old Balfour — who spent nearly seven years in prison for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possessing a stolen vehicle — is not the boy’s father.”

I can’t even imagine the amount of grief that is being felt by everyone and I can only pray that this is an instance in which the media is respectful and we quickly express support and leave the family to mourn. Having to survive the loss of so many loved ones in a lifetime is more than one should have to take but all within a weekend and all such brutal deaths is unthinkable. And of course, our thoughts are most with poor Julian. Such a short life and such senseless actions to take it away. I don’t know how one begins to work through this sort of grief but our thoughts are certainly with the Hudson family at this time.

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#1 Yvonne on 10.27.08 at 5:09 pm

I agree with your words Hollywood Heartbreaker.

What can you tell Jennifer, Julia and Julian’s father to help ease their pain at this time……there is nothing.

To have your family taken away, just like that, and in a way that is uncomprehensible in JUST TWO DAYS. This is beyond sad

God give them the strength to make it through this very, very difficult time.

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