Mandy’s Family Troubles

It seemed that all was well in the world of Mandy Moore, who recently reunited with her ex-boyfriend, DJ AM after he survived a terrible plane crash. But it seems that this girl-next-door face has some serious skeletons in the closet when it comes to her family and Star has revealed them all. From Pop Crunch,

“Mandy Moore isn’t speaking to her mom.

The 24-year-old pop singerhas reportedly beenestranged from her mother, Stacy Moore, ever since the middle-aged woman came out as a lesbian last March.

Mandy was devastated when Stacy dumped her dad, Don, and moved in with her female lover earlier this year.

“When Mandy’s mom came out as a lesbian and took up with Claudette Laliberte, Mandy felt betrayed,”a Star Magazine blabs.

The snitch adds, “She always believed that her mom and dad were happy and that her mom was straight. Now she has no idea what to believe and feels as if she’s been lied to her entire life.”

The turmoil between Mandy and her mom has the actress threatening to boycott her older brother’s upcoming wedding.

Mandy has warned him that if their mom is at his wedding later this year, she’s not coming, the tabloid claims.”

Just when Mandy Moore was barely a blip on the Hollywood map, here come all these stories about her! I guess anyone would feel betrayed if one of their parents left their family for someone else, whichever sex they are, but the fact that her mom has had this huge secret all these years must be absolutely devastating. I don’t blame her for feeling lied to and confused, I would feel exactly the same way. Not only is your family ripped apart but now you also have to deal with this. Now there’s a completely unfair situation that you didn’t ask for! Note that the source here is also the Star, who is notorious wrong in their facts many times but it’s hard to understand why someone would make this story up. I don’t doubt that some of the details may be exaggerated but as for the main idea, I have a hard time believing this one isn’t true.

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