Danny Huston’s Ex-Wife Commits Suicide

I had to look up who Danny Huston was when I wanted to report on this story because this is just another story that is so horrible. What is it with this weekend being filled with celebrity tragedy? Huston has apparently appeared in movies such as The Aviator and in his most recent, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, but it is his role as the ex-husband of Katie Jane Evans that has him in the spotlight right now. Reports are just coming out that Katie had killed herself earlier this month and the saddest part of it all is that she has left a daughter behind to mourn her death. From The Evil Beet,

“Actor Danny Huston (his father was director John Huston) lost his wife Katie Jane Evans after she jumped from a rooftop to her death earlier this month. They married in 2001 and separated last year. Katie leaves behind a daughter, Stella. Prayers to all those affected by this tragedy.”

Although the two were separated, this is no doubt devastating news to Danny and the rest of the family. How awful for that little girl to now have to grow up without a mother and how awful for Danny to have to explain to her why. I think suicide is without a doubt the most selfish thing that a person could do and when you’re leaving children behind, it just becomes that much more cruel.

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#1 Diana Fischer on 10.27.08 at 6:34 am

I knew Katie when she was a young girl as she was best friends with my daughter.

To say she was selfish to commit suicide with a child just shows that you do not understand this disease.

Having Inherited this disease from my father who committed suicide and he from his father who also killed himself, I understand the place Katie was in as I have tried to kill myself twice in 56 years. I also have children!

In the darkest moment pain is so awful that you see nothing ahead but more of the same.

It is not a difficult decision because your brain chemistry is all mixed up. No normal person would kill themselves. So how can you say she is selfish. She was a very sick young woman.

She took the overdose and called for help, but with the drugs in her system and the ease of which a suicidal person takes their life, it was too late and to jump was all she could do.

Suicidal people do it in a moment, they don’t plan for weeks. A moment and a word can tip them. When her friend went out she would have asked Katie is she was alright, and for those few moments she could have been.

People who attempt suicide and fail often are just seeing if they can. It is a sort of trial run to the inevitable. She should have been taken into hospital for a long time, and treated for her addictions then let out on passes with 24 hour care.

You might think this extreme, but it takes months to stabilize a person when they have reached this low time in their life. She is not to blame nor are her friends and family. No one could have stopped her this last time, the act of jumping was so that she would not have to have her stomach pumped and start all over again.

I know how secretive a suicidal person is, and I know the battle against doing it. As a mother and grand mother, I know that you think of nothing but ending it.

If you were rational you wouldn’t do it. Manic depression at it’s worst is not rational. My cousin had five children and also jumped to her death. She was sick like Katie, she was not selfish she was sick.

Manic Depression is a terminal disease for many people and these people when they are under medication can perform at a very high level.

The difficulty is to keep people on medication and make them realize they will never get better. They will have good times in their lives, but the bad is so bad that no body without this disease can possibly imagine how you can get to killing yourself. It is a mental illness.

We all try to do without our medication times, and we think we will know when the bad times are coming but we have a mental illness, how can we be rational. How can we see we are slipping back down. We withdraw from the world into a glass ball, and we waive pathetically to those who pass us by, but they can’t hear us.

One of the worst parts of the disease is that we can’t ask for help. It is if one has been given a drug that paralyses one and stops us speaking. we need people around us that can judge for us and force us into care, as we say we are fine. That is the problem with this disease.

Once a single attempt has been made, the person will try again. Once the first failed attempt is made. That person is never safe from themselves again. That is why this is a deadly disease.

You can’t joke the person out of it. Drugs and care are the only way to recover from the suicide obsession of the manic depressive, as they have a fatal disease.

People need to realize this. Manic Depression is a fatal disease, of the most gifted people in the world, and the most intelligent. When they are on they are the most delightful people you would ever meet. The most charismatic. They are all light and ideas.

Danny was attracted to that woman, Katie on form. Then she seemed to disappear. Sadly, the doctors who cared for her could not explain how to get Katie back. She didn’t want a divorce, she was depressed.
Her mind effected by this disease made her ask for a divorce, and made her not able to cope. It wasn’t that he was an Actor, but that her chemical balance was all screwed up, making her very difficult. The medical profession failed both Danny and Katie.

So please try not to think of her as selfish. For healthy people this is always said, but you are not suffering from Manic Depression. a healthy mind can never understand that rational is not there when the chemicals suck out all that is rational. Katie had mental Cancer. Would you have said she was selfish if she had died of breast cancer? Manic Depression killed Katie.

Let this be a tragic lesson for other’s who have loved ones suffering from this disease. when your loved one turns nasty and abusive and does crazy things that is the disease talking, not Katie the human being. It is like a mind possessed with the devil.

Maybe Danny was at the end of his ability to cope, because it is a very hard battle for those who love us, and even one’s own flesh and blood can give up.

In 56 years, I have had about five bad years, so not too bad. They have been spread out so most of the time, I am a happy well adjusted person, because I have been under treatment for 16 years without a break.

Will I live to the natural end of my life? I really don’t know and I can’t promise anyone. I will try, but when that moment comes if it comes again, I will not be thinking straight, or rational….If you recover from breast cancer, you cannot be sure it will not come back.

Manic depression is no less dangerous than breast cancer, but there is little help for us because you can’t see our disease, nor can you stage it. There is no cure today, perhaps there will be in the future, but we have little funding and little understanding, and few really care. People think we are weak and need to pull ourselves together. we need help, and Katie just needed the right help, her death is a tragedy because it could have been avoided!!!!

#2 anonymousone on 10.27.08 at 7:32 pm

Please, please know that Katie had many people – dear and close friends around her at the time of her suicide. All loved and cared for her deeply and were offering her ‘ the right help’ but trying to save someone so that we can be comfortable, when peace is all that person wants – that is truly selfish. Refrain from speculations, subjective remarks or from printing any details or supposed details about this tragedy. The family and her friends do not need to read these salacious comments and would prefer to be left in peace. The person ‘reporting’ on this story would have been better off reporting ‘factual information’ and leaving their personal remarks on the editors desk. A compassionate word, a heartfelt thought, a prayer for those suffering and left behind – this is what the family needs right now. Thank you.

#3 Diana Fischer on 10.28.08 at 7:02 am

I am sorry if I have upset Katie’s friends. I am sure you all did your best. I was not asking about you. I was talking about the danger of depression.

I know what is like to suffer the loss of a loved one to suicide, I found my 54 your father dead from suicide.

I was tormented with what I could have done to save him.

There were just too many things that could have been done, but he wouldn’t have taken any advice. He would not have done the things that could have saved his life.

If I had gone in earlier, I might have been able to save him, but I didn’t!

None of these things are just one thing. They are a number of circumstances that alone would be insignificant, but together they are very difficult to see.

No one is anyone’s keeper, even those who love us.

The tragedy is that wonderful people take their lives everyday. The effect on those left behind is profound, and it hurts so badly.

It has been 27 years since my father took his life, and I am not at peace with it yet, and I will never be. His own father’s suicide affected him all his life, and he too tried to stop it happening. It was a major factor in his taking his own life.

So I apologize to you for hurting your feelings, it was not what I intended. what I hoped was that other people would take this very seriously, so perhaps another person could be saved.

Yes her family and friends must be devastated, and I know that well, as I have walked in their shoes and in your shoes.

I would like people to understand how this might be avoided, and I am sorry but the love of one’s family and friends is not enough.

My father was adored, and all his family was there in the same house, he was not alone!

He needed help none of us could give him. Yes he needed peace, but he needed the right medical care too. You say Katie was getting all the right care.

Women don’t jump off roofs unless they are really upset, they take pills which she did. I am not blaming anyone, but wondering how she got to that place of such anguish, in my mind, not to know the details which are her private details which I do not need to know, and I am not asking for.

When you walk in my shoes you will always be affected by every lost life to suicide. What was their road to this final decision.

In almost every case it is a great many things, that build up to this tragedy. People who have the problems we all have just don’t kill themselves. It is so much more than that.

I was just replying to the author saying Katie was selfish, which I do not believe for a minute. Katie was in a time of utter anguish, that was too painful to bare.
An agony beyond what she could stand for another minute.

My children have asked me how I could have been so selfish to try and take my life. That is always the question asked of people who try and take their life, how could you be so selfish? That is all one wants to hear at that time!

You think of nothing but stopping the pain. The question should be, I am so sorry I never really heard you, I never realized how bad you were feeling, because we didn’t want to imagine you could feel that bad. We didn’t want to know that.

I know it from the child of a suicide victim and a victim myself. I never thought my father was selfish, I was so upset that I never knew how bad he was feeling.

Our society does not allow us to express that. They say they do, but the reality is that they do not. No one wants to spend months with a person saying that. They want to see recovery, and recovery in a few weeks or days.

It is those around us who want nothing but for us to return to the person we were before. They hope by loving us enough this will happen. It is not lack of love that makes us do what we do, but a pain within that we cannot control, and we feel must get better for them, when we can’t. That is the really frustrating part of a suicidal person. We need more time to recover, and we need the medication to help us.

This is what I am trying to say, and to express, not to make you feel you didn’t love her enough, or do enough.

Not to say you are not feeling really sad and need comfort yourselves. I understand that too.

Katie is beyond help now, but perhaps another person is going through this now and I want to say that please give that person as much time as they need to recover, which could be months or even years.

Yes there are thousands of good doctors, but unless they have felt like this, they really don’t understand the pressure put upon a person feeling like this to get well.

I cannot report factual information about this particular case, only what I have felt, at being a person like you who has lost the most important person in my life to suicide, and how it made me feel and being a person who reached Katie’s state, for what ever reasons, and all I could think of was dying to have the pain stop.

In both attempts, I felt alone and under pressure to take up my life, and be whole again. That was a huge burden for me, although it was done with love.

I feel very badly for you whoever you are. The impact on your life is terrible I know. But I feel worst of all for Katie, as she was young with her whole life ahead of her, and a little girl she will never see grow up, and who will never have her mother with her, for me that is the worst of all.

I only remember Katie as a very pretty and lively girl, full of fun and quite naughty. She was a leader of fun when she was a teenager. She is the same age as my own daughter as they were friends at school.

My heart aches for her. I feel so sad about her and how she felt, and how she felt before she jumped. That is what is the worst of all. She did not die in peace, she died in absolute torture of her spirit. My sympathy is with her, and her poor little girl.

I don’t want another young person to get to this point, that is why I wrote, and not to upset you, or blame you.

I blame the whole system who as yet does not understand what goes through a person’s mind before they take this step.

I believe anyone in this state needs to be protected from themselves, for a long time for them to get on their feet again, and I mean months to a year. What ever it takes!

Once better that person will be so pleased they were taken in hand. I know, I have been there. If one fails in a suicide attempt, one is treated very badly by those who love you, and they are furious with you for frightening them so much, which is the last way they should behave, but that is human behavior. when we are frightened we often become aggressive.

These are all the things that I am trying to point out, not to blame people and not talking about an individual except in how my father’s suicide affected me and how I reached Katie’s point and survived to explain how it feels, and how it is not an act of selfishness.

Depression is physical too and it comes on in moments as a thick cloud in one’s brain. You feel physically different too. Even on pills to help, the cloud only lifts when your chemicals become normal again and it lifts in a moment too, and you suddenly are yourself again. It is that fast and that physical. Until that moment you are at risk, and you are not recovered. That moment can take six months to a year. But those around you are impatient with you.

They tell you you have so much to live for, and think of your children and how everyone loves you. You see that and you answer them to make them feel better, but you are far from better. They make you promise to never do it again, and you promise them that to make them feel better, while you are wondering how you can get away with it, now you have had all your pills taken away and they are handed out to you like you were a child not to be trusted, and the truth is that you can’t even trust yourself.

In normal times you are a high functioning person who can take on a huge amount of responsibility and you have a great Job, and you are a happy easy person to get along with. Anyone who knows you can’t believe you could ever be suicidal, and they say,”You depressed, don’t be silly!”

This is a huge pressure that people put on you, not to hurt you, but because they have never seen you as a weak person, and they associate depression with a weakness in your personality. A flaw that other sick people have, but not you. You tell them of things you are thinking of, and they tell you that’s not you, that is how really sick people behave, not you. You are just tired and run down. You need a holiday, you are going to be fine very soon.

You listen and you respond and you feel awful that what you are feeling they associate with a very sick person, which they say you are not. You know you are sick, and think of hurting yourself all the time. Now you are completely isolated, because to tell them how you really feel upsets them. They look at you in a horrified way, and tell you not to talk like that.

Your doctor beats herself up because she has missed the signs, and now doesn’t trust you. They have all missed the signs because they love the upbeat leader you are 90% of the time. They are trying to remind you of how you really are, and this is just a transition.

You are now more alone than ever. They want the best for you because they love you, but your mind is sick and starved of chemicals it desperately needs. You feel so weak and so tired and so tired of trying to pull yourself together, for your family and children and your work.

You are not an irresponsible person under normal circumstances, but you can’t go on. You can’t snap out of it. One day you will, but they want you to be better sooner than later, but until that cloud lifts you cannot will yourself better anymore than those who love you.

There are times you feel you will never snap out of it too, and you need a huge amount of patience to help you, and you need people to expect nothing from you.

I mean nothing. They need to not judge you when you tell them how you really feel, or be cross with you for feeling that way, or upset. You cannot change like you can’t make the sun shine when it is night.

No one who is close to a suicidal person can truly say they haven’t been scared of what they are saying, and have not tried to help them see that they don’t really mean what they are saying. No one hasn’t told them how much they have to live for. No one who loves them hasn’t told them how much they love them. we all do that, we want to help.

I am saying that the person who feels that way is sick, and they cannot snap out of it. Without the right chemicals their whole body is feeling very strange, as if they have lost 6 pints of blood and haven’t had a blood transfusion. It is that physical.

Again, I am very sorry to have made your sad times much worse and to have hurt you, I really did not mean to. I am so sorry!

#4 Julie Ann on 10.29.08 at 8:08 am

To hear about this only now is tragic. How sad must it be for Danny to have to explain to Stella why mom died. Poort thing. :'[

This is truly a Hollywood Heartbreaker.

#5 Diana Fischer on 10.29.08 at 2:29 pm

I think this is one of the most difficult things to explain to any child. Even when children are adults as my father and Uncle were when their father shot himself, they blamed their mother.

It caused a permanent family rift, and I spoke to my uncle recently about this topic and even today he suffers!

Over the years I have gone back through the family history and have come up with many reasons why their father killed himself and I have not found that my grand mother was the cause, she was just one element in the tragedy.

Those left behind have a huge amount of guilt.

I feel the system of medical help is not up to the challenge of what is at stake, and how their patients get to this point.

My father’s doctor was shocked when my father killed himself. He was one of the reasons, he gave my father open prescriptions to very dangerous drugs which my father and mother both were addicted to and abused taking enormous amounts.

This had been building up for years, and their doctor did nothing to help them, he just kept giving them more drugs.

He said if he hadnt given them the drugs, they would have gotten them from another doctor! well I wonder if they would have been able to?

Having a loaded gun or dangerous drugs in the house, giving a very upset person the means to kill themselves is a very bad thing. Mix in some drink and it is fatal.

It is not inevitable that all young people will take drugs or drink heavily. Having parents who do both and do it infront of the children does make the chances much higher.

In my family, who drank and took drugs, I never did either, except once or twice. Not because I was good, but I just didn’t like it. My brother didn’t either , but our younger sister has always done it. My parents were out of control when she was growing up, and quite normal people when we were growing up. They never did drugs nor did they take many prescription drugs, but that all changed until they were drunk every day and took up to ten sleeping pills a day plus about 20 value and other assorted drugs.

They destroyed themselves, and were aided by a weak doctor who should have been struck off. How could he have not realized what would be the outcome, when through his writing prescriptions year afer year for ever stronger and larger amounts, that a tragedy was going to happen?

What happens to a person when they fail is awful too.

I remember waking up with a guard standing at the end of my bed. This guard accompanied me to a lock up facility which was like a prison. Here was a very depressed person and they take you to a prison, and you are there against your will until they decide to let you out.

You are left alone in this all but empty room with no one to talk to. My first thought was to find a way to kill myself. I took a walk around the place and thought that I might be able to drown myself, and wondered how long it would take.

If they had taken me to a nice place with people to talk to, it would have been very different. I simply could not imagine staying in this place. I checked all the windows like some animal to see if there was any way out. There wasn’t. There were a few other inmates, but they seemed actually mentally ill.

I t was the most depressing awful place I had ever seen except for prisons in films. So you take a depressed person to a really depressing place, what a mistake, and tell them they cannot leave as they are under the care of the government.

So I had to do a great acting job to get released, and to my surprise they released me. I think that was a huge mistake,as I was still suicidal, but the place was so depressing and frightening that I convinced them I was fine.

If it had been a good place and a friendly place, I could have stayed for a week or two and benefitted greatly.

If they had found me earlier they would have pumped my stomach and then sent me to this place, even worse.

My family were very angry too, so there was no,” Oh poor you!” just fury, from their fear, enough to cause one to take one’s life.

Is this what awaits a depressed person? Pretty bad! So what can be done about the care of depressed people? I think a huge change should come about.

If they go somewhere to get better, it should be a beautiful place, filled with warm loving people who actually care. I do not know what it is like in America, but this is what happened to me in Toronto this year!

#6 Shana on 10.30.08 at 5:45 am

Diana I have read your comments and I had a few things to say. I was diagnosed with depression 3 years ago and am currently not suicidal. There was a time, however, when I was considering suicide. The only reason that I didn’t follow through was because I’m a mother and I strongly believe that suicide is selfish. When you become a parent your life isn’t your own anymore. You must take your child(ren) into considerstion before yourself. I understand that it is difficult to do when you’re mentally ill and suffering the most horrific pain you’ve ever felt before but that doesn’t make it any less selfish. I don’t think that mentally ill people are bad people though, even if they do kill themselves. They are sick but part of that sickness is selfishness. So I think that saying someone isn’t selfish because they killed themselves due to a mental illness isn’t right. The act of suicide might be the only selfish thing that person ever did but it’s still selfish.

I also just wanted to suggest that maybe you should start your own blog or write a book on this topic as you seem to have alot to say about it. Your opinions and feelings would be much more helpful in a different forum. Just an idea though.

#7 Diana Fischer on 10.30.08 at 8:26 am

I think that if you read this then this was a place for one or two people to read it. You read it!

Sadly, it takes a really sad event to wake people up. A really sad event is the death of anyone, but a young mother, is the saddest of all.

There have been many studies on the brains of depressed people, and the cat scans show clearly that the brain changes, and in some places dramatically.

There are also many levels of the disease and not one person has the same disease, even in families, they have different symptoms. No one in my family has the same set of symptoms, they have some that are similar but others that are quite different.

Many people say that the disease is a disease of selfishness, and the ill look inwards. I say we still have not got a handle on the disease, and the care differs immensely.

There will come a time when some simple thing will change millions of lives, but we are still in the dark ages with this disease.

Many people who have a less aggressive form, can do well on just one type of anti-depressant, and do well for the rest of their lives, but others have so many symptoms that play off against each other, and finding the right cocktail for them is a very long process, if they ever find the right combination. The side effects also play a role in the medication they can take.

If a person’s brain changes, this is not just a feeling, but a severe physical change that the person suffering has no control over.

I can go ten years without a deep depression, and live a perfectly normal life.

My daughter is up and down two or three times a month. My father had six months up and three down, but then it changed to 9 months down to three months up, My sister is about equal, but suffers from terrible mania and she can lose three pounds a day. It makes her paint night and day, and she becomes really angry and then she is in bed for months.

Other close relatives have other symptoms, most of the girls suffered anorexia, or did so many sports they again were forced to go to bed for months.

There is not one single person in my family who is the same, and it has passed down five generations striking one child and not another. The parent might be free of the disease but three of four children have it. There is only one pattern, that every generation has it without fail, so this is an inherited disease, as far as my family goes. We have had about five suicides that have succeeded and about 20 attempts from different family members. The disease has not weakened over five generations either.

I only know about the disease because I have lived all my life with it. I have never had one month where I have not lived with one family member who did not have it. So I have been alive 56 years and from age about five it has been part of my life.

Outside events do make it worse, and being over tired makes it worse or a life event like a divorce or birth or death or terrible stress, have a huge effect, also the type of work one does, and how much exercise one gets, and sunshine.

But the disease is there in many forms, from a mild case to an extreme case. Suicide is an extreme case.

If one was to ask failed suicide attempts why they wanted to kill themselves, they would provide a very good base to start with.

Not one doctor has really asked me what they should have, or done any research on my family.

To tell a person who is that beside themselves with grief that they should have thought of others, and not been so selfish would not register. No one in that mood can think of anything but escaping.

I simply had no fear at that point, I just wanted it over.

Ordinarily I am a great mother and adore my children as they do me. But that is when I am normal. As I said, I am normal far more than I am depressed. I am not selfish when I am normal.

when I am very sick, I am selfish, but if I were feeling very sick because I had Cancer, I would not be normal either.

This is a real physical disease like any other chronic disease.

One day like with Ulcers that are now treated with antibiotics or infection that is stopped with washing hands, they will find a simple cure, but I will never see it in my lifetime. You might! I hope so, as you sound like you are also a young woman with a small child.

So I wish you all the best luck, and hope that you continue to do so well.!

#8 Elaine Williams on 03.19.09 at 7:02 am

My older sister’s third son age 33 committed suicide a few days ago. We are all reeling from it. The comments left here have been most helpful. He was manic-depressive as well. The insight here has been most enlightening.

#9 Arlene L. Smith on 03.22.09 at 11:11 am

Diane you have been such a wealth of information. You are a real educator. When you say “such pain”, as a way of discribing what a manic depressed person feels, please explain. I feel pain when I stub my toe or when I catch a fMy sister inger in a door but is that pain like that; real aching pain?

#10 Diana Fischer on 03.23.09 at 4:22 pm

I have just revisited this sight and saw your question. I think every one’s pain is different.

when I talk of pain it is always accompanied with a total fatigue and this cloud in my brain, like fog, that you try to shake off but it just stays there all the time. You feel groggy and unbalanced and a deep grief about your feelings and lack of any happiness.

You hardly dare tell anyone how bad you feel as they will always come up with what they believe is good in your life, like your children, or some other thing like that.

What they cannot understand is that you actually are so worn out that you can feel no love. There seems to be a complete detachment for anything you loved. You see living this lie forever and it makes you feel even more lonely. Life no longer holds any pleasure for you, and nothing you enjoyed before gives you any pleasure. You seem overwhelmed by responsibility, and you feel trapped, and the only way out is to die. At first, you just think about how, and how you will get away with it. Where will you go, how will you do it. This becomes a daily routine. Then one day, someone will say something and it just hits that right point to push you over the edge, and then you do it. Just as fast as that, without any fear, or any regrets, and that is the danger.

After my second attempt, my daughter asked me to promise her every day I wouldn’t do it again. I lied and I promised but for months after, I thought of nothing else.

When I was in lock up, they take everything away from you. I wandered around looking for some way to kill my self. I wondered if they would leave me alone in the bathroom and if I would have time to drown myself.

This may all sound mad to you, but once I am in that stage, that is all I can think of. It is as if, I had to do it, and I am angry to have failed. Then as the months go by, I feel better and those thoughts go away. But these thoughts are very strong indeed, and the desire to carry the thoughts to end my life. They are a huge draw to me, that I have to battle to stop from doing it.

I have never said that I did a stupid thing, as I could not control myself at that time. Stupid would be to fake it, or do it for attention, or to hurt someone, but they are a necessity to a suicidal person, like whales beaching themselves.

A pinched finger is just physical, suicidal thoughts are both a physical and mental pain, and nothing quick, it is a slow overwhelming journey into darkness, which one is careful to hide.

No one around you can know, so you learn to be a great actor, but it is a constant battle. If they knew, they would put you away, so you hide it, as you want to be free to do it when you feel like doing it. People you work with would be upset too, so you pretend at work to. A suicidal person is very lonely, very secretive, and not themselves at all.

But it passes if you live through it, but it could be months, and it soon becomes your ultimate way of coping, and the first thing that comes into your head as a way out.

I personally believe that I will try again, if the timing is right and I am depressed enough, I will certainly think about it. I will never be cured of suicidal thoughts. I can promise, but that promise is to make those who love me feel better, but I will most probably try again.

Perhaps suicidal people are born that way.

Perhaps it is a gene in mental illness that some people have and others don’t. In my immediate family there have been three completed suicides, and three people have tried at least twice to try to commit suicide. So six of us. It seems high to me, to be a coincidence.
There are also six immediate family members who have suffered anorexia nervosa, five females and one male. This is also common in Manic Depressives and in families, with manic depression. Not all the ones with suicide attempts had anorexia, so they don’t seem to go hand in hand.

All I can say is that the illness is complicated and is different in everyone, and all of us are on different medication, and all of us have different symptoms. I am rarely manic, some are very manic. Some are up and down weekly, others monthly and others over and extended time. This is all within one family.

The gene is inherited, and has passed down our family for generations. It does not strike everyone of us, but the ones who don’t have it have passed it down even though they didn’t suffer from it all. There has not been one generation without it for at least six generations.

#11 xoangelxo on 10.02.09 at 12:05 am

ya i would RE WORD your comment before you call it cruel, how about if someone spent a year in their bed sick with cancer and found out after all the surgerys and chemo/radiation that they had months to live? then committed suicide , you think thats cruel and selfish? i think living threw that would be cruel… dont be such so judging , im a “daughter” who just lost her father 3 months ago and i dont blame him one bit or think thats selfish! i know your coming from someone who wasnt sick but still that sounded horrible!

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