Jennifer Hudson’s Family Dead or Missing

Jennifer Hudson as a person normally bothers me but she is experiencing heartbreak of the very worst kind right now and you have to be some kind of awful to not feel for her right now. Her mother and brother were found dead in their Chicago home, both murdered with multiple gun shot wounds. As if this story isn’t bad enough, Hudson’s nephew, Julian King, is now missing. Julian appears to be the son of Jennifer’s sister who was once married to the person who is now in custody for being a suspect in the shootings. It’s a terrible story and here is what Contact Music has to say about it,

“Police have arrested a suspect in the double shooting of singer/actress JENNIFER HUDSON’s mother and brother – but the star’s seven-year-old nephew who was taken from the scene of the crime is still missing.
Authorities took William Balfour, who was once married to the actress’ sister Julia, into police custody on Friday (24Oct08) after the victims were found gunned down in their Chicago, Illinois home earlier in the day.
Neighbours allegedly heard gunshots between 8am and 9am local time on the south side of the city, but emergency services weren’t contacted until 3pm, when another relative, believed to be Hudson’s cousin, discovered the star’s 57-year-old mum Darnell Donnerson shot in the head in the living room.
Officers subsequently found the body of Jason Hudson, 29, who had died from bullet wounds to the chest, in an upstairs bedroom.
Police launched a child abduction alert after quizzing Balfour, 27, over the whereabouts of Julia’s missing son Julian King, according to FOX News’ Chicago affiliate.
Balfour has not been charged with any offence as WENN goes to press, but police spokeswoman Monique Bond said the deaths appeared to be connected to domestic abuse.”

This is just such a terrible story that there’s really nothing that you can say about it except that our hearts truly go out Jennifer and her family and that in time, they will find the peace they need. Hopefully her nephew is found soon and that he is in good health and can also someday find a way to cope with the damage that has been done to him.

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#1 Yvonne on 10.25.08 at 12:31 pm

My prayers are definitely with Jennifer and her family at this time. I hope with all my heart Julian is found unharmed.

#2 Keelicious on 10.25.08 at 5:03 pm

Hello. Ms.Hudson i just wanted you& your family. to know that me & my family are sorry so for the lost of your mother& your brother jason.thank god that william is caught but i’m going to keep praying. that your nephew will turn up really soon. in the mighty name of jesus. be bless & stay strong my sister. amen

#3 Marian on 10.30.08 at 9:09 am

Hey Hudson, if you read this I want you to know that
am your BIGGEST fan, and that am very sorry for what you’re going though. I hope that you remain the strong women you are and that you realize that everyone has their time. Both me and you. I know this isnt easy to cope with but please stay strong. And being a women who believe in God, what ever will be will be. And that you dont have control over all things.

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