Jennifer Hudson’s Family Dead or Missing

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#1 Yvonne on 10.25.08 at 12:31 pm

My prayers are definitely with Jennifer and her family at this time. I hope with all my heart Julian is found unharmed.

#2 Keelicious on 10.25.08 at 5:03 pm

Hello. Ms.Hudson i just wanted you& your family. to know that me & my family are sorry so for the lost of your mother& your brother jason.thank god that william is caught but i’m going to keep praying. that your nephew will turn up really soon. in the mighty name of jesus. be bless & stay strong my sister. amen

#3 Marian on 10.30.08 at 9:09 am

Hey Hudson, if you read this I want you to know that
am your BIGGEST fan, and that am very sorry for what you’re going though. I hope that you remain the strong women you are and that you realize that everyone has their time. Both me and you. I know this isnt easy to cope with but please stay strong. And being a women who believe in God, what ever will be will be. And that you dont have control over all things.

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