Mandy Moore Hooks back Up with DJ AM

So I have to admit that until that fatal plane crash that nearly claimed the lives of DJ AM and Travis Barker, and did claim the lives of four others, I had never heard of the apparently famous DJ. I did find out, after reading reports of the accidents, that he had been engaged to […]

Benji Opens Up

Paris Hilton is definitely not one to shy away from the camera and she has done everything she can think of to proclaim her love for her boyfriend of nine months now, Benji Madden, from gushing about him in interviews to wearing t-shirts that proclaim her love. And all the while, Benji has always seemed […]

Jennifer Hudson’s Family Dead or Missing

Jennifer Hudson as a person normally bothers me but she is experiencing heartbreak of the very worst kind right now and you have to be some kind of awful to not feel for her right now. Her mother and brother were found dead in their Chicago home, both murdered with multiple gun shot wounds. As […]