Angelina: No Anger or Ambition

Remember that girl that used to appear in movies such as Girl, Interrupted and Gone in 60 Seconds that had all of this rage and anger inside of her? Aw, yes, Angelina Jolie certainly made her name as this knife-wielding, blood-wearing, crazy, bad girl and then she started having babies and all of that changed. She suddenly became this softer person and it seemed at times that she was only trying to portray this softer image of a ‘all-growed-up and got-my-act-together’ woman. However, it seems as all of that rage that made Angelina who she was is also what accounted for the one respectable quality she had – ambition. Now, she’s decided to give it all up and go to difficult places. I don’t even know what that means but this is what Digital Spy quotes her as saying,

“Speaking to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, the 33-year-old claimed that she had changed priorities and was no longer the “angry young woman” of her 20s.

She said: “The kids are my priority, so it’s possible that from now on I will make fewer movies. I may even stop altogether. I no longer have the ambition I had in my 20s.”

Jolie acknowledged that she had a busy enough lifestyle to keep occupied without acting, saying: “In reality my life is a lot more chaotic and adventurous now.

“Brad [Pitt] and I pilot airplanes, we travel non-stop, we go to difficult places and we have chosen to do it taking all of the kids with us. I feel a lot braver now than when I was an angry young woman.”

I know from personal experience that having children changes your priorities and who you are but I don’t think it means that you have to give up all of your grit and determination, which is exactly what ‘I no longer have ambition’ means. Angelina proves how stupid she is once again by making it sound as though you give up every part of who you are when you become a parent and I really expected more from her, whether I like her or not. And by the way, Ms. Jolie, you’re not the only one who was angry in their 20s and hopefully you would have grown out of it just by growing up like most regular people but then again, I do forget who I’m talking to.

Well hopefully she does choose to give it up. And her little husband too. They can pilot planes and go to difficult places and be brave and we will never have to hear from them again.

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#1 Shana on 10.24.08 at 3:06 am

Thats a little harsh! I’m sure that no matter what this woman does you won’t approve. If she was still angry and ambitious you would probably cut her down for being a bad mother. Angie just can’t win in your eyes. Leave her alone!

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