Just when I was Starting to Like Him

I have always been sort of on the fence about how I feel about Charlie Sheen. I definitely have never loved him, have barely liked him and then when things turned so bad for him and Denise Richards and they both started acting like complete juveniles, I started to completely hate them both. However, I […]

Why are People Shocked About This?

So now that they have officially announced that they are getting divorced, Guy Ritchie and Madonna are now ensuing in a very public battle, with insults being hurled and accusations being made. All the while of course, she’s sleeping with Alex Rodriguez and he’s sleeping with one of the stars from the Sherlock Holmes movie […]

Will’s a Wacko

Yep, the jury has come back and I have made up my mind – Will Smith is a wacko. Nutjob. Loony toony. Whatever you want to call it, Will is all that and more. Rumors to indicate this first cropped up about six months ago, when it was rumored that he and his darling wife, […]