Is this Jen Pregnant Too?

Was this picture of Jennifer Aniston leaving her mother’s house taken just moments after Jen told her mom the good news – she’s pregnant! According to an Australia tabloid ‘early’ this week (meaning yesterday, since today’s only Tuesday!), Jennifer Aniston is indeed pregnant! And of course, according to said tabloid, it’s with John Mayer’s baby. Now I can’t seem to be able to track down the name of the Aussie newspaper that said this but this is what The Times Blog had to say about it,

“The very lovely Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. So, this explains why she and John Mayer have been seen out and about loving each other again.

This is great news. She was heart-broken when Brad Pritt left her to father babies with Angelina Jolie.

Aniston and Mayer decided to give their relationship another chance after discovering she was expecting her first child.
A source said: “Jennifer is over the moon. She doesn’t want to be a single mom, so she is willing to give John the chance to prove his parent potential.” He has promised to cut back on his drinking habits.”

I am filing this in the round filing cabinet, meaning my garbage can. While I would love for Jen to get pregnant, I don’t want it to be with John Mayer’s child. He is such a child himself and such a player, clearly not ready for fatherhood just yet. Add to that the fact that Jen can do so much better and the whole thing is just wrong. But I am not discrediting this rumor simply on my own personal feelings about it. I just don’t think it’s true. First of all, John and Jen broke up in the beginning of August, which would make her at least 2 1/2 months pregnant if you know, they conceived on the day they brokeup, which most couples do not. And besides that, you think she would have figured it out before now that something is going screwy with her woman parts.

I know that they are back together and have been seeing trying to keep it on the down-low but I think that’s just merely a couple who’s recently gotten back together and are trying to figure things out themselves before they go very, very public with it again. Not because they’re trying to hide a ‘secret pregnancy.’ And as for the compromising on both sides, I don’t doubt that either. You sort of have to when you’re trying to make something work. As for the picture? Maybe Jen was going to gush about her new reunion with John. Maybe she was just helping her mom hang some shelves. Maybe, just maybe, it was just a simple case of a daughter visiting her mother.

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