Getty goes to Italy and He Don’t Care

Reports came out in the beginning of September that Rosetta Getty, Balthazar Getty’s wife is refusing to divorce him even though he was caught cheating red-handed with Sienna Miller this past summer. This is one affair that is one of the more outrageous ones that I’ve heard in the land of Tinseltown. While some decide to screw around and try to keep it under wraps for years, Getty and Miller seem to invite the media wherever they go. And did I mention – he’s still married? Does that take balls or just a simple complete disregard for your wife’s feelings? From Cool Web Gossip,

“But a new source has claimed that Rosetta has no intention of divorce oil heir Balthazar just yet: “Balthazar announced their separation in July but they’ve not made it legal yet and Rosetta wants to keep it that way for the time being. “[She] thinks she will be more financially secure if she doesn’t file for divorce because she’ll be entitled to more of his future earnings that way, and with all the publicity surrounding his relationship with Sienna, he’s probably going to earn more in the future than he has done up til now. “And if Balthazar decides to divorce her, it’ll cost him even more because his family support Rosetta – his inheritance could be passed directly onto his kids instead of him.”

You gotta hand it to Rosetta. She is clearly pissed and has every reason to be and she’s making sure that she makes it out of this marriage with a little something too. Meanwhile, I guess Balthazar might be a little angry too as he is now seeming to flaunt his relationship with Sienna Miller once again as the two were seen acting very lovey-dovey in Italy this past week. This is going to get nasty and all I can say is that I hope things don’t get any better for Sienna in the world of Hollywood anytime soon. People just don’t tend to like homewreckers.

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