Lilo and Sam’s Public Fight

Okay, so I don’t really care that Lindsay Lohan had a fight with her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. I don’t think they’re breaking up anytime soon or that it was a fight over anything that crucial. However, I do think it’s cute that these two do actually fight, as they are so often seen being all […]

Getty goes to Italy and He Don’t Care

Reports came out in the beginning of September that Rosetta Getty, Balthazar Getty’s wife is refusing to divorce him even though he was caught cheating red-handed with Sienna Miller this past summer. This is one affair that is one of the more outrageous ones that I’ve heard in the land of Tinseltown. While some decide […]

So this is when Sexual Addiction Becomes a Problem

I guess there may have been a little more to David Duchovny’s sexual addiction than we all thought. It may not have been a simple case of a man wanting more in his pants than his marriage allowed, it could have actually acted on those wants! Such may be the case here as Duchovny’s ‘tennis […]

Is this Jen Pregnant Too?

Was this picture of Jennifer Aniston leaving her mother’s house taken just moments after Jen told her mom the good news – she’s pregnant! According to an Australia tabloid ‘early’ this week (meaning yesterday, since today’s only Tuesday!), Jennifer Aniston is indeed pregnant! And of course, according to said tabloid, it’s with John Mayer’s baby. […]