Madonna Makes me Ill

Yep, this is another celebrity that I used to love, love, lovebut her recent actions have made me just about despise this woman. Madonna first announces in March that she most likely will get divorced but wants her tour to play out and make all the money she can off it first. This is a fact that everyone seems to keep forgetting. She then drags out this farce of a marriage, all the while sleeping with Alex Rodriguez, and then is angry at soon-to-be ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, for apparently being a ‘gold digger.’ From,

Madonna has branded Guy Ritchie a “gold-digger” despite his claims he wants “not one penny” of her reported £300 million fortune.

Friends of Madonna, 50, have dismissed Guy’s assertions he isn’t interested in her fortune, saying he is now only interested in getting her cash.

According to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, the 4 Minutes singertold a pal: “I’m totally devastated that Guy’s turned out to be such a gold-digger. I thought we’d been on a spiritual journey together for the past 10 years – but obviously I was wrong. He’s just after my money.

“I’ve worked my butt off for the last 30 years to get what I have, and now this gold-digger wants to take it from me. He keeps upping his demands – he just wants more, and more, and more from me. It’s unbelievable.”

First of all, HE’S NOT A GOLD DIGGER!!! Madonna has more money than God and it seems that Guy will walk away from the divorce with a measly $20 million. Not chump change for most of us, sure but come on! This is Madge herself and she could stand to lose a lot more – I think someone from her own camp said somewhere around the $300 million mark, didn’t they, which generally speaking in ‘normal’ divorces would entitle him to about $150 million, right? Yeah, that’s half. I don’t think Madonna is in any way losing her shirt over this and for what she has caused him over the course of the past several months, I can only wish that he makes out with more.

I’m just so over Madonna. I used to hold her in high regard, as one of the hardest-working and most respectable artists out there but these latest few moves she has made has really dropped her in my eyes. She used to be so good at using the media to her advantage and constantly pushing the envelope but this just isn’t it. This is being ‘cutting-edge’ or ‘hip’! It’s being selfish and destructive and is making her appear really juvenile. Apparently, this is going to be one ugly divorce and as I said earlier, I really hope that Guy gets it all and that Madge and A-Rod fall off the planet.

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