Katherine Heigl will go to Korea

No, don’t worry, this “IT” girl (as Oprah called her) isn’t going there forever and but she may be going there soon. Katherine Heigl who was married last year to singer Josh Kelley has made it known that if the two are going to be having a baby, it’s not going to be coming out of her. Following in the same line as her parents, she will be going to Korea to find a little one to bring back home with her, as her sister is Korean and was adopted from the country. From The National Enquirer, ”

Katherine Heigl and her singer hubby Josh Kelley are adopting a baby, the Enquirer has learned exclusively.

The 29-year-old Emmy-winning actress decided she didn’t want to get “KnockedUp” – and the couple expects to start their family with a child from Korea within a year, sources say.

Welcoming a baby from Korea holds special meaning for Katherine because her older sister Meg was adopted from that country.

“Meg has had a profound impact on Katherine’s life, which is why she and Josh are trying to adopt a Korean child,” a friend close to the couple revealed to The Enquirer.

“They’ve chosen an adoption agency and have started filing the necessary paperwork. They haven’t gone public with the news yet because they want to make sure there are no problems before they make an announcement.”

I know the source is The National Enquirer but this rag that we all grew up that NEVER printed anything true has been spot-on with their celebrity news in the past few months so this is very likely true. Katherine has also said in the past that the idea of actually giving birth to another human being just “isn’t very much fun” and if she already has ties to Korea, it makes perfect sense that that’s where she would go. I think Katherine would be a great mom and I’m very happy for them. I suppose, however, that that is one of the ‘occupational hazards’ of working in movies…if you do something that is completely off-putting, even if just for a role, it could actually turn you off of it for life, such as Knocked Up did with Katherine apparently. I’m usually one of the first to make fun of celebrities who want to join the latest ‘trend’ of going overseas to adopt but her heart really is in the right place here seeing as how she already has ties to the country.

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