Eminem and Kim are Good Now

With the news of Eminem’s new album being released sometime later this year (translate – in the next 2 months!!!), I was actually most interested to hear about his family life, since he seems to spend so much time writing about it. I couldn’t help but wonder what sweet little Hailie Jade is up to and just what the status is now with him and his infamous ex-wife of two times, Kim. Well it seems that I won’t even have to wait that long because his new book The Way I Am is coming out October 21 and it is truly a tell-all on Em’s life. Here’s what People has to say about the upcoming release,

“Eminem, 36 – who has been working on a new album in his hometown of Detroit – also opens up about how he and Kimberly Mathers are co-parenting daughter Hailie, 12, teenage niece Alaina, and 6-year-old Whitney, Kim’s daughter from a previous relationship.
“Kim and I have had our differences, sure, but things are good between us now,” says the rapper (real name Marshall B. Mathers III), adding that the two have forged a “seamless” back and forth between their homes. “She’s there holding the fort down – and she does an amazing job.”

As much as I hate Kim for being able to be married to this amazing man not once but twice, I think it’s wonderful that they have found a way to make it work for both themselves and Hailie. Obviously not good as a couple, these two have certainly seemed to both do some growing up in the past few years and have now found a way to be able to look at each other without wanting to throw knives.

Eminem also talks in his memoir about how devastated he was when his D12 band member, Proof was shot and killed in 2006. He writes about how some days he couldn’t concentrate on his music or even get out of bed. I guess that’s what happens when you lead a life of guns and gangstas but it doesn’t make it any less sad and I’m sorry that Em, who has already seen so many hard things in his life, has had to go through that just a short time ago. There’s no doubt that both the book and the new album will reveal even more about the life of the greatest lyriciston the planet and I can’t wait to have both of them in my hot, little hands!

*Pssst* By the way, it’s Em’s birthday today!!! Happy 36th Em!!!

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#1 lucy on 02.21.09 at 10:15 pm


LOVE him thouuugggh=] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MWAH !


#2 yazzmin on 08.28.11 at 9:41 am

lately i went to the v eminem was there and he was AMAZING THANKU EMINEM I LOVE YOU

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