Jolie Admits She’s a Cheater

God only knows why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tried so hard for so long to keep their relationship a secret. Oh, that’s right – because he was MARRIED!! Well ever since they have ‘come out’ as a couple two years ago, they have done everything they could to repay their moral debt. They have […]

Nelly Furtado is off the Market

This is one star that I have never been able to get excited about so I’m even less excited to tell you that Nelly Furtado is now a married woman – and has been for a few months now. Her and Demo Castellon were married on July 19th but it wasn’t until she recently showed […]

Eminem and Kim are Good Now

With the news of Eminem’s new album being released sometime later this year (translate – in the next 2 months!!!), I was actually most interested to hear about his family life, since he seems to spend so much time writing about it. I couldn’t help but wonder what sweet little Hailie Jade is up to […]