Sometimes Rehab Just Ain’t Enough

David Duchovny has been admitted and released from a sex rehab clinic and although there were rumors about his marriage to Tea Leoni being on the rocks long before then, it seems that those rumors are just now coming to light. They say that they have been separated for months and that they wanted to keep it quiet for the sake of their kids and while I don’t deny that any of that is true, I have to question whether or not David or Tea thought that curing the sexual addiction problem would also fix many of the problems that they had in their marriage. If they did think that, it seems that either the therapy didn’t take or the problems were just too great to overcome by spending a little bit of time with a shrink as they have now officially announced that they are in fact, getting divorced. From US,

“Duchovny and Leoni have been married since 1997. They have two children, daughter Madelaine West, 9, and son Kyd, 6.

The X-Files star, 48, and Leoni were spotted arm-in-arm at the Czech Festival in New York City earlier this month.

Sources told that they weren’t shocked about the revelation.

“He’s a guy who loves women,” a Californication insider told Us. “He’s always noticed an attractive lady.”

In 1997, the actor denied rumors about his sexual appetite.

“I’m not a sex addict,” Duchovnytold Playgirl magazine then. “I have never been to those meetings. It’s hurtful to my family and if I was involved with a woman in a monogamous relationship, it would be hurtful to her. There was another story claiming I was a neat freak. If I had to choose one of the two, I think I’d rather be a sex addict. It’s not funny and I’ll be glad when it goes away.”

Well, David, it looks like you got your wish – you’re a sex addict – YAY!!! Please. I do understand why celebrities won’t make comments on their personal lives or why they will deny *certain* things but when you go into this elaborate monlogue about how disrespectful it is to you and your partner, you really are just going too far and it makes you look like a pathetic liar. It also bothers, bothers, bothers me immensely when stars feel that they have to put on this big charade, such as US states they did only one month ago when supposedly they alreadyknew they were getting a divorce. This just shows that stars really do think we’re stupid. Were they planning on getting together for red carpet events for the rest of their lives? Or showing up arm in arm with each other wherever the other one went, all the while knowing that their marriage is over? How long did they think it would take us to figure out that David had another girlfriend – because you know that won’t take long!

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