Some Divorces are more than Sad

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting a divorce. Are you surprised? Probably not because I don’t think anyone’s surprised about this one. Although there have been rumors for months and months and months about these two being headed for Splitsville, they actually started in March, when it was told that they would divorce but that Madonna wanted to make as much money as she could first. See here to read when we first told of their impending divorce. However, they continued to make ridiculous appearances and tried to come off as a happy couple. This absolutely disgusts me as it’s just one more way that celebrities have dangled a piece of information in front of us and then continually denied it – did I mention for months and months and months? I don’t mind that celebs like to keep some things on the down-low as it is their private lives and really, none of our business. But here’s an idea – keep your mouth shut about it until you make the official announcement! Not only that but outright lying to her fans by saying things such as ‘her marriage doesn’t need saving’ and denying that there are any problems is just disrespectful to her fans – of which I used to be one. It’s a shame that when there’s people out there trying to make an honest (and discreet) go of their marriage, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, these two are making a mockery of the whole institution! Well, here’s the final word anyway from E! Online, ”

“Guy Ritchie’s marriage is on the fritz, with the 50-year-old Queen of Pop and 40-year-old film director announcing their plans to divorce.

“Madonna and Guy Ritchie have agreed to divorce after 7½ years of marriage,” their reps said in a joint statement. “They have both requested that the media maintain respect for their family at this difficult time. A final settlement has not been agreed upon yet.”

“It is sad,” Madonna publicist Liz Rosenberg told E! News.

Per U.K. reports, Madonna has enlisted the services of celebrity divorce lawyer Fiona “Steel Magnolia” Shackleton, who supervised Paul McCartney‘s split from Heather Mills.

Ritchie could make out quite nicely from their breakup, pocketing as much as $100 million of the popster’s estimated $500 million-plus fortune since the twosome did not have a prenuptial agreement.”

Okay, and I also didn’t realize that Madonna was stupid enough to not have a prenuptial agreement. I know love is blind but considering that she also went through a divorce with Sean Penn, she should know the ins and outs and what should be done before any marriage certificate is signed. Honestly, I think Madonna may have lost her mind on this one. I secretly hope that Guy makes out like a bandit on this one, which he most likely will, as the Material Girl has lost a fan on this one.

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