Mark Wahlberg about to become a Married Man

Ya know, even though I’ve always thought that Mark Wahlberg is talented in just about anything that he does, I’ve always been on the fence about how I’ve felt about him personally. I’ve neither loved or hated him, I’ve just really be indifferent but the interview that Celebitchy posted about him really had me thinking really rather well about both him and his new fiance, Rhea Durham. He just announced that he has recently proposed to the woman, who just had his third child a month ago, and that they will be married next August. It’s not the ‘no, no, no media of any kind’ thinking that has me holding him in higher regard because so many celebrities opt, understandably, for this route but the fact that he seems so intent on keeping his Catholic roots a part of it. I am not Catholic myself but in a crazy place like Hollywood, it’s so refreshing to see a mega-star who still has his core values as so much a part of himself. He also leaked the name of the newborn son that him and Rhea just had, ”

Mark Wahlberg has named his newborn son Brendan.

“It’s for St. Brendan,” he told at Monday’s Max Payne premiere in Hollywood.

Glancing at his fiance, model Rhea Durham, he added, “Rhea didn’t really want me to talk about anything that personal tonight. But his name is Brendan Joseph.”

How is life as a new dad?

“It is the best! It’s awesome,” he told Us. “There’s not as much sleep, though.”

Now with two sons (and one daughter), he said the boys are taking over the house.

He joked, “We are outnumbered now!”

At a press conference over the weekend, Wahlberg revealed he and Durham will wed next August.

What will the ceremony be like?

“Catholic church, small, family only, no media!” he told Us. Laughing, he added, “And there will be no wedding pictures sold to any magazines!”

Even his religion is part of his son’s name! I love it! And the kid’s name is so normal – another rarity in the world of Tinseltown. I also love how Rhea seems to wear at least part of the pants in the family when it comes to their personal life as it sounds as though he was pretty nervous giving out any details without her stamp of approval. I guess I always just assume the girlfriends or boyfriends of these huge stars are just so in awe all the time and wanting to ‘please their man’ that it’s nice when they actually prove me wrong. These two are absolutely nothing but class and I can’t wait for their wedding, of which of course, we’ll hear nothing of! Congratulations, Mark and Rhea!

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