Kenny Pours Heart Out through Song

Although the marriage between Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger was barely a blip on the map and it ended 3 years ago, it seems that Kenny-boy hasn’t been able to get over it until just now when he wrote about it for his new album. This was one of those marriages that just had ‘failure’ stamped all over it from the very beginning, starting with their marriage which occurred 4 months after the two met. Yes, met, not even just started dating. And although there hasn’t been too much said about it from Renee, Kenny is now being very open about the ‘horrible’ time he went through while dealing with their quick annullment. From Celebitchy,

“Asked if he was nervous writing about the Zellweger split, he tells Newsweek, “It’s the truth. It’s my life.

“I’ve been in a lot of states of mind in the last three years,” he says. “In that way, it’s a pretty honest record. I’ve let myself be more emotionally vulnerable in some of the lyrics. I think that was good therapy.”

He says he has “no idea” what the actress will think. “I don’t know. It’s unpredictable.”

Chesney tells Newsweek they still talk “every now and then. I don’t want to say this whole record is about her.”

Is he still heartbroken?

“Not at all,” says the singer, who adds that he is dating again. “I already wrote those songs. I’m on to something else.”

I don’t think that writing a song can really make up for years of heartache but whatever helps, I suppose. It sounds as though whatever happened, it was kind of his fault anyways as Renee stated the reason for the anullment as being fraud. Sounds a lot uglier than simply ‘irreconcilable differences,’ which is usually a niceway of saying they just went their separate ways. I think that if Kenny is still talking and writing about it, the chances that he would take Renee back in a second are good and the fact that Renee most likely wants nothing to do with him, even more pheasible.

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