Another ‘Celebrity’ Trying to make News

The View has become a little soap opera all unto itself and Star Jones is still trying desperately to be a part of it. It seems that she can’t make it on her own ‘good’ name and so, whenever people from the media talk to her, she has to fall back on the ugly departure she made from the show, after sitting on that set for 9 years and allowing them to make her famous. Now, all she has to talk about is her old co-hosts and how ‘awful’ they are. Well that and how she lost all that weight. It’s all old news and nobody cares but Star. Even while talking about falling in love and how she wants to be happyagain, she still can’t stay away from the Hot Topics of the past. From People,

“In a new interview in the November issue of Essence magazine, Jones also opens up about “falling into a depression” after losing her self-titled Court TV show last year; her ongoing dispute with Barbara Walters (“Barbara set me up”); and her divorce from Al Reynolds, which was finalized in September.

Responding directly to Reynolds’s infamous YouTube videos, in which he stated he “still loves” Star, Jones responds bluntly: “I’m not in love with him.”

Posing poolside in a white dress and fireside in a slinky black number for the interview, the surprisingly svelte Jones – who dropped 160 lbs. after a 2003 gastric bypass surgery – also talks about getting back to dating.

While she doesn’t directly address her new relationship with executive chef Herb Wilson, whom she was photographed smooching in the stands at last month’s U.S.Open, she tells the magazine, “I want to fall in love again. I’m ready to love 24/7. I want happiness.”

The interview was also to talk about the new something-or-other TV show she’s going to have which will inevitably fail and will give her a reason to come back into the news and talk about how much she hates The View and Barbara Walters. You know, when she was on the show, she was my favorite co-host. She always seemed so real and like she had a good head on her shoulders but it’s like as soon as she dropped all that weight, she also lost her mind and became a completely different person. She’s turned out to be a petty and catty woman who only appears desperate and pathetic. And I actually think she even looked better before she lost the weight. At least then she was a person I could respect, regardless of how much she weighed. I definitely would like the old Star back compared to this new and unimproved version.

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