Another ‘Celebrity’ Trying to make News

The View has become a little soap opera all unto itself and Star Jones is still trying desperately to be a part of it. It seems that she can’t make it on her own ‘good’ name and so, whenever people from the media talk to her, she has to fall back on the ugly departure […]

Kenny Pours Heart Out through Song

Although the marriage between Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger was barely a blip on the map and it ended 3 years ago, it seems that Kenny-boy hasn’t been able to get over it until just now when he wrote about it for his new album. This was one of those marriages that just had ‘failure’ […]

Ryan Reynolds Honors His Dad

So it seems that being an honest-to-God hottie, a very good actor and funnyman, as well as just recently becoming a husband, just isn’t good enough for Ryan Reynolds. He now has given us all one more reason to put him in our Top 10 Favorites. This cutie-pie has a heart of gold, especially when […]

Paris may Procreate

Facing her own pregnancy rumors just a few short months ago, Paris Hilton is definitely not pregnant at the moment but it doesn’t mean that she won’t soon be. It seems that seeing Nicole Richie mother little Harlow may have had some sort of influence on Paris because she now too is thinking about babies. […]

Pink is Bisexual

And really, does this surprise anyone? While it does seem like it’s becoming the new trend in Hollywood to announce that you are gay, first with the not-so-surpring announcements made by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Clay Aiken, this announcement by Pink is another that does not surprise me. And not that I think […]