Angelina Gives us a Sneak Peek at Family Life

W Magazine will publish their magazine on October 21 with a huge, huge spread of the Brangelina’s. Of course it’s huge, they are two of the most famous people on earth and little has been heard from them since they birth of their new twins this past summer. The spread, which will include 21 photos of the family, also includes an interview that Angelina gave, where she talks about how it was Brad that made her want the pregnancy to begin with. The only photo that I have seen so far is the one shown here and it almost – almost – had me change my mind and think that there may actually be a tiny part of these two people that may be human after all.

While I don’t think it’s necessary to showcase yourself breastfeeding, this is actually a very sweet picture. Angelina looks as most new mothers do – tired and elated all at the same time – and the fact that the pictures in the magazine are honest-to-goodness family pics that Brad took himself make it just that much sweeter. It’s almost like they’re a real family with real values and aren’t the wackos that I’ve thought they were for years and years now. But – and I was really hoping there wouldn’t be a ‘but’ with this story – listen to a snippet of the interview that now has me looking at the pics with the disdain that I usually would. Here is where the ‘but’ comes in from eFlux Media,

“The exclusive interview is expected to shed some light into the family’s plans of adding at least one more child to their brood. The proud mother will also talk about the twins, Vivienne, who is “sturdier”, and “more demanding,”while Knox is more “chill” and music loving like his father, according to E!Online. Angelina also talks about the experience of buying her son Maddox his first knife to teach him the dangers and benefits of the weapon.”

Okay, what benefits are there to having a knife? Especially for a 7-year old? Did she teach him all about the magic that happens every time you cut into your steak? Can he even cut into his steak?!? Honestly, I know that it’s important to talk to your kids about these types of dangers but I don’t think buying them one of their very own is the way to go about it. When she told him about stranger danger did she fill up the house with people of the very worst kind and teach little Maddox the benefits and dangers of them? This is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever heard. I guess my opinion of these two won’t be changing anytime soon.

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