The Next Britney in the Making

Lord knows that I have said my fair share about Miley Cyrus but things like this just make it so easy. It takes me back about ten years, when Britney Spears first exploded onto the scene and made all-innocent, spouting how virginity was the only way to go and then completely contradicting herself by dressing in slutty outfits, usually of the mid-rif variety, and showing boys and girls fawning all over each other in her videos. It’s what first made me hate Britney and although I do really like her now, let’s remember that I had to feel bad for her because of her mental breakdown first. And it would seem that Ms. Cyrus is on much the same path.

This is a girl that allows photos of herself to be taken where only a sheet clings around her front and weeks later raunchy photos of her in her undies, taken supposedly on her cell phone, were leaked over the Internet. She has been seen with at least two boys, which may or may not have been dates, and has really shown what her true colors are at the young of 15. However, she is still trying to keep up the sticky-sweet image, most recently with her sticky-sweet 16 party. Here is a sickening photo of her and Minnie Mouse and really, does Miley need to be wearing those stilettos? Even at 16, which she’s not for another 7 weeks, these heels just scream the wrong message…or maybe the right one, in Miley’s opinion. Here are some details the Daily Blabber provided about the party,

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 16th birthday, seven weeks early, with a concert at Disneyland.

It was basically the sickeningly sweet affair you would expect — complete with Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus singing “Achy Breaky Heart” with his daughter’s new boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

“This is the most amazing sweet 16 that a girl could have!” Miley told the crowd as she took the stage.

Then, the crowd, complete with celebs like David Archuelta, Steve Carell, Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford, serenaded the teen sensation with a rendition of “Happy Birthday,” and fireworks lit up the sky.”

Well yay for Miley. I guess she celebrated early in Disneyland because she has to celebrate her actual birthday with rehab…or are we not there yet?

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