The Next Britney in the Making

Lord knows that I have said my fair share about Miley Cyrus but things like this just make it so easy. It takes me back about ten years, when Britney Spears first exploded onto the scene and made all-innocent, spouting how virginity was the only way to go and then completely contradicting herself by dressing […]

More Checks on Jen’s Bump

Jennifer Garner is getting B-I-G as she nears the end of her pregnancy. She looks adorable here as she took her daughter, Violet, out to eat in Brentwood over the weekend and she looked cute and comfy in what every mom wears when they’re chillin with their kids on the weekends – track pants, an […]

Does Anybody Care that Eddie Van Halen is Engaged?

I thought I would post this even though Eddie Van Halen’s recent marriage seems to have come and gone with barely a blip on the map or anybody blinking their eyes. Eddie made news some time ago when his ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, came out with her book Losing It – And Gaining My Life Back […]