Cheaters Don’t Do Counselling

I think it’s so funny how the person in the wrong of a major relationship deal-breaker never wants to do anything to fix it. That certainly seems to be the case here with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. I reported just days ago that they had been spotted around New York on several occasions lately and that Sarah Jessica just looks absolutely miserable. I commend her for trying to make a go of it even though she is clearly suffering but it seems that she has decided that she cannot do it alone. She has apparently decided that if she and Matthew are going to make it work, they need to bring in a third party counsellor and Matthew is not going for it. Literally. He’s playing like a child who has a big test at school and sticks his thermometer up to the lightbulb. From Celebitchy,

Sarah Jessica Parker is so determined to save her 11-year marriage to Matthew Broderick that she’s pushing him to see a marriage counselor. Just one problem: He keeps canceling his appointments because “he doesn’t want to talk about hisfeelings that way,” a pal tells Star. “But I am afraid the marriage will be over if he doesn’t.”

As Star reported exclusively, Matthew, 46, was cheating on the Sex and the City actress with a 25-year-old youth counselor. Since the news broke in August, SJP has stood by her man. Now Sarah Jessica, 43, wants a “clean slate,” says the friend, and is getting frustrated that Matthew won’t seek help.”

Okay, I don’t care what your wife is asking you, Matthew, do it!! The man cheats on her and instead of immediately packing up her and their son, James Wilke, which would be perfectly understandable, she decides to try and make it work. Like I said before, I applaud her for her efforts. But he can’t even give her that! I was really hoping that these two could work it out but it seems that what’s in Matthew’s pants here may not be the only problem. I think any man who truly wanted to fix his marriage would go, regardless of whether it made them uncomfortable or not. If he’s not even willing to go, I think it says more about the affair than it was just a sexual thing. There’s clearly something going on with Matthew other than him being a horndog and I think he’s getting something else from it that he’s not getting from his marriage. Here’s a hint: Go to counselling, Matthew, you may be surprised to find out that an objective person may be able to figure out a way for you to get what you need from your wife!

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