Alex Rodriguez has Been a Busy Boy!

The news broke this past summer that the heat and steam in the air was more than just the humidity when rumors started to circulate that Madonna was having an affair with Alex Rodriguez. They were both married at the time and the rumors stated that Madonna was seen at Yankees games, there to cheer on her beau, and that Alex was spending a whole lot of time at the pop superstar’s apartment in New York – and that most often, these visits were very late at night. Reps from Madonna’s camp vehemently denied the rumors, although Alex’s people seemed to suddenly become very close-mouthed. Perhaps that’s because they knew that a divorce was in his near future anyway as it was reported by US at the end of September that the divorce between Alex and his wife, Cynthia Rodriguez had not only started but it had already been finalized. And boy, oh boy, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Check out what she asked for as stated by US and then what she actually got from Alex,

“In her petition, Cynthia requested the couple’s $12 million waterfront estate in Coral Gables, Fla., and “equitable distribution” of all assets acquired during the marriage (Alex reportedly made $28 million this season).

She also demanded alimony and child support for their daughters, Natasha, 3, and Ella, five months, and enough to pay for private schools so she and their two daughters can maintain the “high standard of living” they’re used to.

Alex had countered that he was only willing to give her what was required in their pre-nup and threatened to make her pay his legal fees if she challenged and lost.”

Ya know, even though I think he’s a cheater and a pig, I’m glad that he stuck to his guns on the money issue. It’s crappy that she got burned and will forever change the lives of everyone in their family – but really. I hate it when ex-spouses claim that they need to “maintain the style of living they’ve become accustomed to.” Get over it – it’s done, this is what not being married anymore means. You have a prenup for a reason and it’s clear that that’s all you’re ever going to see.

And it seems that he was eager to get back into the MaterialGirl’s arms because it was reported just this last week that he and Madonna met up for a romantic dinner. Also reported by US,

“Madonna and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez took in a cozy dinner for two at Dos Caminos Third Avenue on Tuesday, a source told

They pair ate at an alcove-like table in the back.

“They seemed very close,” a source told

Cynthia’s attorney, Earle Lilly, told Us that Rodriguez had an “affair of the heart” with Madonna.

In July – after more than four years of marriage – Cynthia filed for divorce, citing her husband’s alleged infidelity.”

When news of the alleged affair broke, Madonna and husband, Guy Ritchie tried desperately to make a point of appearing around town looking like the picture-perfect happy couple. However, this contradicted rumors that the two were planning a divorce for this fall. Which would be now. And it seems those rumors may have been true as both Madonna and Guy have supposedly started talking to divorce lawyers. Madonna is said to be seeing the same one that walked Sir Paul McCartney through his awful legal battle.

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