Melissa Etheridge to Marry Girlfriend

I guess we all knew that when Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got married, it wouldn’t be the last we saw among the famous celebrities, also in same-sex marriages that would flock to California to exchange vows. Although some celebrities have shunned the idea for personal or political reasons, Melissa Etheridge and her long-time girlfriend, Tammy Lynn Michaels in California in the near future. From Contact Music,

“Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter MELISSA ETHERIDGE and her actress girlfriend TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS are set to follow ELLEN DeGENERES and PORTIA DE ROSSI up the aisle.
The lesbian couple has confirmed plans to wed in the near future, now that gay marriage is legal in California.
Etheridge says, “We have four children and we’re trying to find the right time (to wed).”

It’s great that these two have decided to make their love official but what’s sad is that this new legislation, which has only been around for a few months, is trying to be overturned by a bunch of right-wing politicians. There will be a vote held throughout the state in November to determine what the people think of the new law. It’s horrible that not only are grants not not granted to everyone but it’s even worse to grant the right and then try to take it away!! This is horrible and I think that the other states should consider taking two steps forward and instating the same law instead of taking a step back and denying people their rights.

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#1 Allie Hampton on 10.09.08 at 3:46 am

They already had a “wedding” – there were pictures everywhere. Why do it again?

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