Ronnie Wood May Pay through the Nose

Guitarist Ronnie Wood, for the massive band Rolling Stones may be paying through the nose after thinking with his pants. Apparently Ronnie just couldn’t stay away from his mistress friend, 20 year old Ekaterina Ivanova and when Jo Wood, his wife found out that he was seeing the woman continually, she decided that it was time to end the marriage. But there are no bitter feelings here. Jo realizes that she’s spent most of her life with this man and she really wants to remain friends with him once they’re divorce has been settled. Oh yeah, and she’s asking for 50 million pounds. Yes, that’s just over 100 million dollars American!! HA!! From Telegraph UK,

“The rock star faces a possible £50 million divorce settlement after Jo allegedly contacted her lawyers because of his continuing relationship with a 20-year-old Russian.

Wood, 61, was recently photographed enjoying a romantic meal with Ekaterina Ivanova at a fashionable London restaurant.

His wife now reportedly just wants to be friends with him rather than married.

Speaking at the Berkeley Square Ball, she told The Daily Mail: “We’ve been through too much together not to stay as friends whatever happens next.

“I’m still in touch with him and I’ve seen him And despite everything I still really care for Ronnie.”

She added: “Everything is fine, and everything is going to be fine.

“The thing is, I spent so many years concentrating on Ronnie, dressing Ronnie, and looking after Ronnie, that suddenly I can now concentrate on me. So for example I have been dressing differently recently.”

Okay, I’m highly doubting that the courts will grant her 50 million pounds. That’s just crazy kind of money. And if Heather Mills only got 50 mill, what’re the chances that Jo Wood will do any better? Mills was married to a knight for cryin out loud, not to mention one of the most famous musicians to ever walk our planet. I realize the Stones were big too but I don’t think the guitarist is bigger than McCartney and I don’t think that band was bigger than the Beatles. Good luck, Jo. I think you’ll be disappointed on this one, though.

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