10 Million Dollar Baby may be Denied

Apparently, the insurance policy that Heath Ledger used to cover his life insurance stated that his daughter, Matilda, was to receive ten million dollars upon turning of proper age and until that time, it was to be given to someone else to be held in trust. Well it doesn’t really matter how much it is or who was supposed to get it because no one may ever be seeing that money. It turns out that nine – yes nine – months after his death, the fabulous folks over at ReliaStar Life Insurance are now claiming that they suspect that Ledger’s death may have been suicide, which would clear them of all responsibility to pay out the policy. From Contact Music,

“The New York City Medical Examiner ruled he died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, but executives at ReliaStar Life Insurance Company are investigating the possibility Ledger took his own life.
The firm, which is owned by ING Americas, wrote the policy in June 2007, and the insurance money was due to be paid out to an unnamed trustee who would hold the money until two-year-old Matilda comes of age.
But they have so far failed to honour the document and have launched their own probe into Ledger’s death to establish if he committed suicide, therefore voiding the policy.”

So now there is a heated battle going on between the trustees of Ledger’s estate and the insurance company so you have to know that this is something that is going to take years and years. May not be a bad thing if all works out in the end because little Matilda is only two and doesn’t get the money until she’s 18 so there’s a whole 16 years to work this out. However, it’s disgusting that this is clearly not a case of suicide and that insurance companies are going to put the entire family through that again. First the rumors about Michelle Williams having problems with the family over Heath’s will and now this. His death wasn’t tragic enough that people need to try and find something in nothing to save themselves from paying the hefty sum – that of which is going to his daughter! It’s disgusting!!

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