Meg and Dennis’ Very Public Battle

Dennis Quaid is furious over comments his ex-wife, Meg Ryan made in a recent interview with In Style. Meg talked about how Dennis had cheated on her for a very long time and there was a lot she didn’t know until her marriage was over. Dennis thinks that it’s time to put the dirty laundry […]

Ryan and Scarlett Got Married!!!

Yes ladies, I’m so sorry to say that Ryan Reynolds, the hottie who has played in Van Wilder, among many other funny and fabulous movies, has officially been taken off the market. He and his new bride, Scarlett Johansson tied the knot in Ryan’s native land of Canada this past weekend. From Bump Shack, “Actors […]

Ronnie Wood May Pay through the Nose

Guitarist Ronnie Wood, for the massive band Rolling Stones may be paying through the nose after thinking with his pants. Apparently Ronnie just couldn’t stay away from his mistress friend, 20 year old Ekaterina Ivanova and when Jo Wood, his wife found out that he was seeing the woman continually, she decided that it was […]

10 Million Dollar Baby may be Denied

Apparently, the insurance policy that Heath Ledger used to cover his life insurance stated that his daughter, Matilda, was to receive ten million dollars upon turning of proper age and until that time, it was to be given to someone else to be held in trust. Well it doesn’t really matter how much it is […]