Surgery Needed for Clay’s Newborn Son

Clay Aiken has certainly been in the news a lot lately, firstwith the birth of his newborn son, Parker, and then his big revelation that he was in fact gay. He has now made one more announcement, and that was on the health of his new baby boy. The poor little guy had digestion issues and needed surgery when he was only one month old! Aw, you have to be some kind of mean to not have your heart go out to the family – that is indeed scary stuff! From Celebrity Baby Scoop, ”

For most parents, the fact that the little baby they brought home is their child doesn’t truly hit home right away – and for Clay Aiken, his moment of realization came amidst a frightening health scare with son Parker.

“He had been gassy for weeks and then he started throwing up,” Aiken, 29, tells PEOPLE in its latest issue. “Jaymes [Foster, the baby’s mother] and I were trying to be calm, rational parents, so we didn’t call the doctors too much, but it just got to a point where he was vomiting everything. He was starting to get dehydrated.”

Parker was admitted to the hospital, and diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, a intestinal condition that complicates baby’s digestion, and scheduled for surgery to correct the problem.

“Parker had been in one day already when I got really panicky,” Clay recalls. He woke up at 2 a.m. and headed to the hospital. “I was a little worried, like ‘I don’t think they’re going to let me in the hospital at 2 or3 in the morning.’ Then I thought, ‘Wait a second, I’m the father! Of course they’ll let me in,” Aiken says. “It was the first moment when I thought, ‘I’m actually this child’s father!’ ”

Yes, every parent has that moment of realization – mine was when the nurse told me to change the baby and she’d be right back. That was when I realized that this kid was mine and no one was going to do the dirty stuff for me. It’s sad though that that wonderful moment wassaddened by this situation for Clay. I wish this family all the best and hope Parker has a speedy and happy recovery!

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