When Tattoos Just Aren’t Enough

It’s no secret that Victoria and David Beckham form one of those couples that seem to know the secret to the ultimate kind of love that knows no wrong and that is just too darn cute to be real! First they proclaimed their love for each other and for their family by inking themselves in […]

Surgery Needed for Clay’s Newborn Son

Clay Aiken has certainly been in the news a lot lately, firstwith the birth of his newborn son, Parker, and then his big revelation that he was in fact gay. He has now made one more announcement, and that was on the health of his new baby boy. The poor little guy had digestion issues […]

Michelle Williams Shows Love for Heath

It’s clear that whatever happened between Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger, they once had a very good thing and Michelle clearly still has a very soft spot in her heart reserved just for Heath. She was seen in several degrees of mourning after his death in January and while it’s undoubtedly still a tough time […]