Tom Makes More Weird Moves

Well Katie may have been able to kick the whole Cruise clan to the curb of her house but she definitely can’t stop them from getting heavily involved in her husband, Tom’s, career. Tom Cruise has once again turned to his sister, fellow Scientologist, to help manage his career. This isn’t the first time that Tommy Boy has wanted to keep his affairs within the family. It was right around the time that he and Katie started dating that she also managed his career and, as TMZ reports, it was not a good time in Tom’s career,

“Couches of the world, you’ve been forewarned.

Tom Cruise has once again enlisted sister Lee Anne Devette to help manage his career and steer the Cruise ship, reports OK!. This is not a positive development for Cruise; the last time she was involved, Tom started jumping up on couches and calling Matt Lauer glib.

“He needed someone to step in and take over. And Lee Anne stepped up to the plate,” says a source.”

Let’s not forget how he verbally attacked Brooke Shields for – GASP! – taking care of herself and her child! Anyways, it’s stuff like this that really has me feeling sorry for Katie Holmes. I think of how overwhelming her life must be, with a weirdo husband and overbearing in-laws. I’m glad that she take this gig on Broadway – it seems to have been really good for her to do something that she loves and step outside of the roles she’s been playing as Suri’s mom and Tom’s wife. She has also received rave reviews from audience members and fellow costars such as John Lithgow. Lycos caught a snippet of an interview with him where he couldn’t stop singing Katie’s praises,

“He adds, “Katie is lovely in the play, and she’s been such a sweetheart to work with. She has worked so hard – this is a tough, tough play.

“Katie is acting with thoroughbreds and she’s doing a wonderful job! She’s had to really push herself.”

John also praised Tom Cruise’s efforts in supporting his wife and making sure Suri got a taste of the excitement as well: “They’ve been around…a lot!”

Gosh darn it! If she would only leave that crazy husband of hers, I think I would really start to like Katie Holmes! Well I guess that’s a lot to put little Suri through just for my peace of mind. Alas, I suppose I’ll have to make peace with the fact that she really does love Tom.

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