Matthew and Sarah Jessica Spotted Again

While the news of Matthew Broderick’s affair has died down some, he and wife, Sarah Jessica Parker still attempt to show that they are a very happily married couple as they stroll through the New York City streets. Parker may be trying to pump up her latest projects, as it was the same day that […]

Sharon Stone Lost in Court…Not her Son

It was reported last week that after an ongoing custody battle, which it sounds to be started by Sharon Stone originally, she has lost ‘all physical custody’ of her son. Now, while this sounds bad, and I’m not a huge fan of Stone to begin with, it’s not really as awful as everyone is making […]

Tom Makes More Weird Moves

Well Katie may have been able to kick the whole Cruise clan to the curb of her house but she definitely can’t stop them from getting heavily involved in her husband, Tom’s, career. Tom Cruise has once again turned to his sister, fellow Scientologist, to help manage his career. This isn’t the first time that […]