Please!!! Say it Isn’t So!!!

So who knows where things stand with this whole Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer breakup? When it first came out that the two had split, people automatically assumed that Jen was once again heartbroken and devastated. Until it came out that she was the one called it off and was trying to move on with her life. The whole thing has gone back and forth a few times but very few people in either camp, except for John himself of course, who can’t get enough of people snapping pics of him, have said very little. Now though it seems that no matter who broke up with who early last month, Jen wants John back. Nooooo!!! Jen, don’t do it, I beg of you! From Digital Spy,

“The pair broke up last month, but have been holding daily phone conversations since the actress returned to Los Angeles from Mexico last week.

A friend said: “Jennifer reached out to John first. She had a few glasses of wine then decided to throw caution to the wind and make the first move.

“John was pleasantly surprised to hear from her. He says they’ve been in contact pretty much every day since and he’s really looking forward to seeing her again soon.”

Friends of Aniston, 39, are said to have been concerned about her lifestyle since the 30-year-old musician reportedly dumped her by text.

A source said: “She’s had a really tough time since the break-up and the more time goes on, she realises how much John still means to her. Basically, she’s still in love with him and has had a really tough time letting go.”

Aniston was recently linked to Scottish actor Gerard Butler, but sources say the pair are simply collaborating on a film.”

Honestly!! I hadn’t heard the rumor that John had broken up with her through text but with him, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me. He doesn’t really seem to be the type to care too much about who gets hurt while he travels along his way through countless women. He most likely didn’t see the relationship as anything other than to get his name in the papers and have people pay attention to him for a little while. Jen is so totally out of his league and he never gets that kind of attention, unless he’s with someone as famous as her! I hope these two don’t find their way back to each other and I’d really be happy if they would just cut all ties.

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