Even More Book Exploitation

We so often hear of parents of young celebrities that spill all the family secrets through an autobiography that they hope will make them millions but sometimes, it’s the youngsters that are looking at their parent stars and wondering how to make more off them than just their allowance. Such is the case with Sean Lennon, as he has now written some harsh words about his father, John Lennon, in a new biography written about the now-deceased legend. From Contact Music,

“A controversial new book claims JOHN LENNON had a temper so volatile his son SEAN had to be rushed to hospital as a young boy to repair his damaged hearing.
Sean Lennon remembers his dad in a postscript written in Philip Norman’s new biography about the star, John Lennon: The Life.
He claims his late father screamed into his ear during an angry outburst.
Sean says, “(He was) teaching me how to cut and eat steak, which was a mystery to me at age four; how to stick the fork in and cut behind it, and that was how you got a piece in your mouth. I think it was that night when he got very upset with me, I think because of something I did very cheekily with the steak. He did wind up yelling at me very, very loudly to the point wherehe damaged my ear, and I had to go to the hospital.”
But the 32-year-old admits his father was mortified by his own actions, adding: “I remember when I was lying on the floor and hurting, and him holding me and saying, ‘I’m so sorry’. He did have a temper.”

I highly doubt that this story is true but it’s no secret that John had a very tumultuous relationship with both of his sons throughout the years. However, if either one of them were to try and make money off their dad, I would think that it would be his first-born, Julian, because he had a harder relationship with him. I just think it’s sad that Sean would resort to this just to make money from the few words he scrawled about his dad. And I don’t even think that someone could yell loud enough to damage someone else’s eardrum. That has to be pretty darn loud and over steak? I just have trouble buying it. Paul McCartney, John’s very good friend and Beatles bandmate, as well as Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow, have both made it clear that they will have nothing to do with this book and based on the deep love and respect both of them have for John, anything without their stamp of approval just doesn’t pass with me either.

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#1 Don on 09.22.08 at 4:09 am

Most folks have some “issue” regarding their parents. I don’t mitigate Sean’s impressions of his dad. However, John Lennon is a lion. ” if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow. A Liberal with sanity. As a member of the NYPD I will always remember him being the first person to donate money so that police could purchase bullet proof vests, Ironically he died from an assassins bullet.

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