A Bizarre Love Triangle

Are Hollywood stars really so petty? Okay, I’m slapping myself for asking the question as soon as it fell out of my mouth. But really, this goes way back to Grade 6 behavior and I would have expected more from stars that are generally thought to be so proper and classy. Everyone knows that Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes just can’t decide whether they are going to be friends or not. But now apparently, Victoria has decided to really go for the gut and cozy up to one of Katie’s pals in an attempt to make her jealous. Okay, seriously? From The Pop Crunch Show,

Victoria Beckham went out of her way to be photographed with Jennifer Lopez during New York Spring Fashion Week 2009 earlier this month because she desperately wants to irk on-again/off-again pal Katie Holmes, a new tabloid scoop claims.

Although both women were in the Big Apple, they refused to see each other “because of a falling out over Tom,” Star Magazine reports.

Posh has decided to befriend Jenn in a bid to make Katie jealous.

“Posh knows Katie is close with JLo.”

I don’t think this move to America has been very good for Posh. She seemed relatively normal, and even a little funny, when the Beckham’s first moved but she just seems to have gotten so much trashier and materialistic than she did even when she was across the pond. And really how does JLo feel about being put right smack-dab in the middle of that whole immature mess? I’m sure she’s busy enough with those two new babies that she doesn’t need to play into this crap. Stupid games by stupid people.

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