Janet’s Vague about Kids

There were once rumors that Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri had secretly gotten married – that was last summer. Janet clearly squashed those in a February People interview when she said that she may be ‘allergic to marriage.’ But now, perhaps in an attempt to squash rumors before they start, she has opened up a […]

A Bizarre Love Triangle

Are Hollywood stars really so petty? Okay, I’m slapping myself for asking the question as soon as it fell out of my mouth. But really, this goes way back to Grade 6 behavior and I would have expected more from stars that are generally thought to be so proper and classy. Everyone knows that Victoria […]

Mark Wahlberg welcomes 3rd Baby!

So I don’t understand why this is slowly coming out now. I saw nothing about Mark Wahlberg posted anywhere until Thursday, when it announced that he welcomed his third child, a son, to join the Wahlberg clan. I guess they wanted to keep the info for private celebrations first before they started to tell the […]

Even More Book Exploitation

We so often hear of parents of young celebrities that spill all the family secrets through an autobiography that they hope will make them millions but sometimes, it’s the youngsters that are looking at their parent stars and wondering how to make more off them than just their allowance. Such is the case with Sean […]