Katie’s Protesters

So by now many have heard about the protestors that showed up on Katie Holmes’ opening night of her new Broadway show All My Sons. The protestors lined up outside the theater and held ridiculous signs and chanted ridiculous things, hoping to free Katie from the evils of Scientology. Apparently, only Katie though – they don’t seem to be huge fans of Tom Cruise, who was also there that night, supporting his wife. Of course Katie and Tom acted as we all knew they would, smiling proudly and holding their heads high before scurrying home to place curses on them. From Reuters,

“Actress Katie Holmes won praise for her debut on Broadway on Thursday night, where she was cheered on by actor husband Tom Cruise and shouted at by anti-Scientology protesters outside the theater.

The drama started before the curtains went up in the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater with a group of about 20 protesters, some masked, chanting “Scientology is a cult” and “Free Katie”, according to the New York Daily News.

Inside Cruise, star of “Mission: Impossible” and one of the best known members of the Church of Scientology, was the main attraction, swarmed by fans and agreeing to pose for photos, overshadowing Dustin Hoffman who was also present.”

Yes, this show lived up to the high anticipation that preceeded it. These protesters however, really do look like they’re in a cult and it’s a wonder how they could ever think that people would take them seriously. Or that Katie would free herself from Tom’s clutches and run to join their clan. It takes all kinds of freaks to make the world go round. I’m just saying, if you’re going for your 15 minutes of fame, you might want to pretty yourself up a little.

I have heard though that Katie was amazing in her role from many sources and that the play in general is outstanding. With all the crap I say about them, I must admit that Katiedoes set herself apart in Hollywood. She’s always right on top of fashion trends and she always seems to be proving herself as someone other than who we thought she was. She does really seem like a great mom to little Suri and weird as it may seem to the rest of us, her marriage is happy. This is her moment and I think she has reason to be proud.

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