Katie’s Protesters

So by now many have heard about the protestors that showed up on Katie Holmes’ opening night of her new Broadway show All My Sons. The protestors lined up outside the theater and held ridiculous signs and chanted ridiculous things, hoping to free Katie from the evils of Scientology. Apparently, only Katie though – they […]

Oh My Lanta! More Drama on Hannah Montana

I need to ask really, just who do Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus really think that they are? I must admit that I did like Billy Ray’s first album but let’s face it, most people laughed it off and the term “Achy Breaky” was usedto describe anything that was lame and stupid. After that […]

Guess Who’s Back?!?!

It seemed like such a long time ago when Eminem announced that he was hanging up his gloves and retiring from the music industry to stay at home and concentrate on being a dad to Hailie Jade, who was six at the time, in 2004. Being a new parent myself, I understood his decision although […]