Phelps Sparks Cat Fight at VMAs

Okay so this maybe the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, I’m so over Michael Phelps and this celebrity status that he has achieved. I’m not denying the boy is good but the drama that already surrounds him is ridiculous. The first rumors to circultate were that he and Carrie Underwood were planning on dating, and then he was ignoring Lindsay Lohan’s desperate pleas of attention and now, it seems that Lindsay is back in the drama again and this time, she’s not only sharing the spotlight with Miley Cyrus, but she’s battling it out for the sole rights to it. From The Pop Crunch Show,

“Human Dolphin Michael Phelps has created a bit of drama between former Disney child star Lindsay Lohan and the studio’s current little mini moneymaker Miley Cyrus. The ladies now hate each other after both battled it out for the honor of escorting the Olympic hero on-stage at the 2008 MTV Video Awards earlier this month.

A National Enquirer tattle claims: “It was nightmate. Both Lindsay and Miley were wildly excited at the prospect of waltzing on-stage with Michael, so producers proposed draping one on each arm-but the girls did not want to be with each other and neither would back down!

Digusted with the tag-of-war over Phelps, MTV ultimately blew off both starlets, opting to send the champion swimmer on-stage alone instead.

“Lindsay was fuming.”

So there are just a couple things wrong with this story. The first being that Lindsay is a lesbian and that Miley is a mere 15 years old – eight years younger than Michael. I know we all haveour questions about Miley but I really think her parents or at least Michael’s PR people would step in and stop anything from happening here, which I don’t think would even happen in the first place.

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