Jennifer Aniston Only Interested in On-Screen Drama

I guess this may seem like the only alternative to Jennifer Aniston at the moment after recently having her failed love life displayed time and time again everywhere you looked. She has now decided to pursue her career and focus on her acting and most likely, her directing as she showed such a passion for it when directing Room 10. It seems that she’s sick of all the drama and unless it’s in a script, she’s not interested. From the Gossip Girls,

“As for her future plans, Miss Aniston is reportedly determined to place all of her energy into her acting career while forgetting about her failed romances behind her.

“It’s all about her career now. Jen’s a proven comedy actress but she’s never really managed to get out of the romcom bracket. And at 39, time is running out,” an insider told press.

The source added, “All people ever talk about it Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and now John Mayer and how unlucky Jen is in love. Who remembers the last big movie she was in?”

I don’t think that she has really switched gears in her focus when it comes to her career or her love life. I think she’s a great actress who has been unlucky in love but as her divorce from Brad Pitt clearly showed, she has never lost sight of moving forward in the business and thinking about family later, if ever. But let’s remember that she is a woman and probably does want to have a relationship of some sort so I don’t think the few that she has dated shows any lack of focus. It’s unfortunate that her ‘unlucky in love’ status is so prominently displayed but that’s us focusing on it, not her. And like anyone who’s had a string of bad luck, she’s burying herself for the time being in what she knows she loves and something that will never let her down. Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

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