Phelps Sparks Cat Fight at VMAs

Okay so this may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, I’m so over Michael Phelps and this celebrity status that he has achieved. I’m not denying the boy is good but the drama that already surrounds him is ridiculous. The first rumors to circultate were that he and Carrie Underwood were […]

Stupid Jessica Simpson Quote of the Day

So it’s no secret that Jessica Simpson and boyfriend, Tony Romo, are gushy-gushy for each other and recently, Jessica has decided to ooze to the media once again how in love she is and what a perfect world it is. This time, she seemed to be congratulating herself somewhat on the relationship as she now […]

Jennifer Aniston Only Interested in On-Screen Drama

I guess this may seem like the only alternative to Jennifer Aniston at the moment after recently having her failed love life displayed time and time again everywhere you looked. She has now decided to pursue her career and focus on her acting and most likely, her directing as she showed such a passion for […]