So that’s why she Broke Up with Brian Austin Green!

It came as a shock to everyone when Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green broke up. Not because they were such a super couple but because hardly anyone even knew that they were dating, much less engaged so when they’re engagement was broken off, we were all left with more than just a few questions. […]

Eva Mendes Brags about Sex

I’ve never really understood what the big deal is with Eva Mendes. Yes, she was in the blockbuster Hitch but her acting left a lot to be desired and ever since then, she’s been in movies that haven’t done as well. Now it seems that she may be trying to make her name as something […]

Angelina & Brad Prove their Superiority Once Again

To show what giving and wonderful people they are, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have donated two million dollars to the country of Ethiopia, which will be used to build a center that will help treat HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry, “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are giving back to Ethiopia, the country […]

Donald Trump Speaks about Parenthood

Well it’s very rare that we see Donald Trump speak about anything other than business but he has recently spoken out about what it takes to be a good parent. His words actually don’t surprise me because as ruthless as he is as a businessman, he seems to be a very good parent. It’s obvious […]