More on Mills’ Pathetic Attempt at Fame

It seems that being involved in a heated divorce battle for several months and having your face and name splashed across covers of papers and magazines every day wasn’t enough for Heather Mills. She is still clinging to the indirect fame that she received from being married to Paul McCartney. I guess she just doesn’t want to face the fact that now that Sir Paul has dropped her, we would ike to as well.

She was set to appear in an earlier episode of Desperate Housewives but supposedly, Eva Longoria was outraged by this. From the Pop Crunch Show,

“A cameo appearance by Heather Mills was cut from the ABC soap Desperate Housewives after series star Eva Longoria-Parker vetoed Mills’ involvement with theshow.

Heather’s former publicist Michele Elyzabeth says she once set up a “little cameo” on the show, but the role fell through because Eva was “totally against it.”

“I reckon they saw the chance to get some headlines for the show. But when the stars discussed it, [Longoria Parker] demanded Heather be dropped from consideration,” Elyzabeth says.”

It’s bad when even people that you once trusted – such as your publicist – are willing to sell you down the river. I mean really, who wants to hear that people hate them? I guess Eva didn’t want to give her any more attention than she’s already gotten. But that’s okay because if people won’t aid her in her antics, she’ll pull them off herself and she has now written a book about her marriage and what it’s like being married to someone famous. Sorry, the book isn’t about her. At least she’s not allowed to say it is. From Digital Spy, “Heather Mills is reportedly planning to write a novel about a model’s marriage to a famous rock star.

According to the Daily Mail, she intends to write the “work of fiction” to shed light on her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney.

As part of her £24.3 million divorce settlement, Mills was instructed not to reveal her side of the story to the press.

A source said: “She will be marketing the book as a work of fiction. But it doesn’t take a genius to realise what is really behind this book – the thing which infuriated her the most about the divorce was that she was gagged from ever telling her side of the marriage.”

The insider added: “She has incorporated all sorts of other characters. The rock star’s first wife had passed away and his children can never get over that fact, so they gang up againstthe model, who they see as money-grabbing and an opportunist.

“Those characters will inevitably be seen to be based on McCartney’s children Stella, Mary and James.”

The rock star in the book is said to be a “deeply flawed character whose mind has been warped by years of being treated like a god”.

It’s always good when the desperate adults involve the chidlren, isn’t it? I’ll bet that McCartney threw a gag order at her – he obviously has seen for years what an attention whore she is and knew that she would use this divorce to her greatest advantage.

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