Can you picture it…Britney Brand?

Well it didn’t take long after the VMAs last week for us to start talking about who was avoiding who, who came with who, and who got together with who while there. So the prime target for rumors this year was, as it is every other year, Britney Spears. This year she’s fueling fires that she picked up more than just her three awards this year and that the fourth award was Russell Brand, who was a stand-up comedian that made his way to radio and also hosted the VMAs this year. It’s said that the two were seen getting cozy at the show (by this, I think he was seen talking to her) and they then were spotted at a romantic candlelit dinner for just the two of them. From osoblog,

“It appears that Britney Spears went on a date with the show’s host, Russell Brand. Well, he is single again these days. So it was practically inevitable, wasn’t it?

“The pair are said to have enjoyed an intimate dinner last night at Hollywood’s Little Red Door restaurant, where they arrived and left separately in an apparent effort to avoid being photographed together,” reports the Daily Mail.”

I actually don’t know too much about Brand to comment if I would like to see them together. I did see a bit of his hosting performance at the VMAs and he was pretty funny. I do also like the way he stood up to Jordin Sparks at the show, denouncing her judgemental statements, while appearing charming of course. Maybe that’s just what Britney needs – someone who doesn’t take crap but doesn’t come off as offensive about it. Not as mean as Sam Lufti, not as wishy washy as Justin Timberlake.

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