Who is Kelly’s Baby Daddy?

Yes, normally this blog is about real people with real life issues and real babies but I am so stoked about this week’s upcoming 90210 episode that I had to let everyone know that it will be B-I-G!! Viewers have been teased with tidbits of the life Kelly Taylor has led since she left college, or wherever she was when the series finished back in the day and this past Tuesday, she revealed that her four-year-old son was the son she shared with a guy she ‘had a lot of history with in high school.’ So, loyal viewers immediately get their wheels turning – Is it Brandon? Or is it Dylan?

Although this reaks of something that is going to take all season or longer to find out, it turns out that we get to find out on Tuesday!!! That’s right, this Tuesday!!!! So, I called that it was Brandon’s son as soon as she said the words but there are a few points to consider here. The little boy has blonde curly hair. Not really Brandon or Dylan but definitely….Steve?!? She definitely had history with him but that storyline would just be plain cruelty. So she said she had history with him in high school which has me thinking Dylan. He left the show sooner and her history with Brandon may have started in high school but real-life baggage didn’t come to them until college.

Let’s consider this – it is not Kelly who tells us on the show but Brenda – Brandon’s sister. So that gets me thinking again that it’s Brandon’s because she would be closer to him and say something like, ‘Brandon misses you, Kell. He misses his son.’ Perfection.

I’m still calling Brandon on this one. I always liked him better than Dylan anyway and him and Kelly were like, totally perfect! Okay, enough about people on television shows…I just thought the world should know that they need to watch this episode on Tuesday!

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