More Mom/Daughter Exploitation

I have never been able to catch onto the whole Gossip Girl thing and get wrapped up in that whole socialite, elite teenage kid thing. But it seems that the star of the show, Leighton Meester, may have a lot in common with Britney Spears. Leighton’s mother, Connie Meester, has managed to also see how exploiting her daughter could benefit her greatly and provide for her early retirement. It seems that all one has to do these days to make a buck is to have a baby, have said baby get famous, and then write down all the rotten little details of your life. Slap the term ‘memoir’ on it and presto! You’re rich! This is what Digital Spy had to say about it,

“The mother of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is to release a book about her daughter.

As well as writing about the actress in her memoir, Connie Meester will also spill the beans on her own troubled past. She was sentenced to one year in a Texas prison in 1985 after being charged with a drug-related crime. In April of the next year, she was permitted to take a break from jail in order to give birth and nurse Leighton, who plays Blair Waldorf on the teen drama series.

Connie has since managed to turn her life around, finding work as a real estate agent after being released from jail in November 1986.

Her manager Loch Powell confirmed that the project is going ahead, though a publisher has not yet been found. He also insisted that Leighton will have no objection to her mother’s plans.

Leighton and her mom are very close,” he told E! News. “Connie has had a spectacular life.”

I’m thinking that this book is not going to sell too well, if it ever finds a publisher that is. But in the case of Lynne Spears, who has recently written a book about her two famous daughters, this is a woman who is the mother of one of the biggest stars on the planet. Not only thatbut the skeletons in their very public closet are some of the worst with one daughter who suffers huge breakdowns before being diagnosed with bipolar and one daughter who got pregnant at the age of 16.

Now not only is Gossip Girl a relatively new show but the stars on it are still fairly unknown. They certainly aren’t mega-stars and they’re certainly not splashed all over the tabloids every week with huge drama happening every minute of their lives. I just don’t understand what kind of credit Leighton’s mom thinks her name has. When people barely know your daughter’s name, the chances that they’ll know you’re name are slim to none and that just doesn’t sell books. Too bad, so sad. Guess she’ll have to hope that her daughter’s still famous in a few years and maybe get into some trouble before then.

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